Lawson upgrades have a lot of moving parts—which is why it’s so easy to forget something or to find yourself held up in the middle of an upgrade. But Infor Lawson Security is one place where you can’t afford to let anything fall through the cracks. When implemented incorrectly, it can cause a multitude of problems for the greater system and leave your system vulnerable. For example, we often see clients with duplicate login issues or who upgrade some employees to Lawson Security—but not all of them—and then wind up in a crunch come upgrade time.

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If you’re planning an upgrade to Lawson v10, here are 5 critical reasons you should implement Lawson Security first. 

1. The CheckLS flag can be triggered (flipped from no to yes) in 9.01 but is ignored in 10. That means the client can utilize the flag in testing to validate security in 9.01, making it an absolute best practice to implement role-based security in 9.01 prior to upgrading to 10.

2. The use of two user IDs in LAUA typically allows management of the EMSS and core user relationship. This relationship can be redeveloped into one ID in role-based security, using the relationship to the employee identity.

3. If your developers use Infor-delivered global variables to secure the company/process level relationship, it will interfere with EMSS and RQC security. The code must be written with local variables.

4. In the event that Global HR or LTM is on the roadmap for your company’s future, having role-based security in place gives you time to learn Landmark security. Landmark security is an Infor-delivered product that should not be modified and must be understood before undertaking a GHR or LTM implementation.

5. Federation and security sync should be understood when upgrading to v10 in order to ensure the systems interface correctly. 

As you can tell, implementing role-based security prior to upgrading to Lawson v10 is much more than a best practice. It’s critical for both success and your own sanity.