Every company knows that they need to focus on developing engaged and productive employees if they’re going to stay competitive and drive growth in an ever-changing environment. However, only 9 percent of organizations believe they have a good understanding of the talent factors that drive performance, according to a study by Deloitte. 

One way for your company to enable access to better information and data on talent factors is by adopting people-first technologies like workforce management and human capital management (HCM).

One solution that combines both seamlessly is UKG Ready (formerly known as Kronos Workforce Ready), giving your company a full picture of its entire workforce. This article will take a deep dive into the solution and cover the key parts of the suite, not to mention the benefits of the tool.

Solution Overview

UKG Ready is a cloud-based platform that automates and integrates a company’s workforce from recruiting to retirement to termination (and everything in between). The unified solution and integrated toolset give organizations complete visibility so they can not only see what’s getting done but how it’s getting done. For an even more seamless experience, there’s also a UKG Ready mobile app ready to be accessed by any mobile device.

Here’s a list of some of the key products and their features: 

  • People Analytics: People Analytics allows you to gather tactical information about your workforce and strategic AI-supported predictions that drive proactive action.
  • Talent Acquisition: With Talent Acquisition, you can simplify and automate job requisitions and candidate searching processes. You’ll also be able to track applicant status and deliver a better online hiring experience for candidates. 
  • Human Resources: This product helps your HR staff streamline tasks for hiring, managing, and retaining your workforce. It also simplifies other administrative or manually intensive tasks.
  • Performance Management: A crucial piece of employee success, Performance Management helps you enhance the performance review process and support the development of salaried and hourly employees.
  • Compensation Management: Compensation Management automates the compensation planning process to deliver better visibility and governance for employees and managers alike. 
  • Time Keeping System: This feature provides user-defined pay rules and simplified timecard management to improve payroll accuracy and reduce compliance risk.

Workforce Management Benefits

By unifying workforce management with HCM, your company gains a complete picture of the entire workforce. You’ll have information on what type of work your staff is doing, as well as when and how they’re doing it. Additionally, you’ll have payroll, performance, and productivity data to manage better business outcomes. 

And your company isn’t the only one to benefit—there are perks for employees and managers as well. The advantages include better transparency into scheduling and self-service, such as submitting vacation requests, shift changes, and performance tracking.

Getting Started

Kronos gives your organization a central repository to access every employee record in one place, enabling a more comprehensive understanding of your workforce and business performance. 

Finding the right solution and implementing it can be a daunting process for any size company. To successfully address your company’s unique needs, you’ll require accurate planning and technical execution par excellence. That’s where Surety Systems comes in.

Our senior-level Kronos consulting team will work with your team to find the perfect solution and guide your organization through implementation from start to finish. 

Here is a snapshot of one of our Kronos Workforce Ready consultants:

Surety Senior Kronos Workforce Ready Consultant

  • 5+ years of Kronos experience
  • 4+ years of Workforce Ready experience
  • Has been in HRIS space for over 15 years
  • Very comfortable being the technical expert for WFR
  • Previous experience working with ADP and payroll
  • Able to train and provide knowledge transfer to end users

Contact us today to get started.

Questions about Kronos Workforce Ready

How is Kronos Workforce Ready different from other HCM systems?

No additional installation is required with Kronos Workforce Ready. It is a flexible and user-friendly HCM solution loaded with useful features.

What industries can benefit from using Kronos Workforce Ready?

While the healthcare industry is the largest industry segment, just about any industry can benefit from Kronos Workforce Ready. Industries that utilize UKG Workforce Ready include human resources, information technology, retail and more. 

How can Surety Systems help with Kronos Workforce Ready implementation?

Surety can provide senior level Kronos integration consultants to assist with any Kronos Workforce Ready project requests you have.