Kronos Workforce Dimensions is the newest time and attendance, HR, and payroll solution from Kronos—recently rebranded as UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group). A cloud-based offering, Dimensions can handle everything from timekeeping and scheduling to analytics and reporting. Read on for a closer look at what Kronos Workforce Dimensions is, who it will benefit most, and some of its amazing features.

What Is Workforce Dimensions?

Originally a manufacturer of time clocks (which makes sense, given its name), Kronos now specializes in everything to do with workforce management. Its latest and greatest solution is the cloud-based Kronos Workforce Dimensions, a successor to Kronos iSeries. HR and Payroll will benefit most directly from Workforce Dimensions, but the software will also improve the lives of everyone in your company, including folks in IT, Finance, and employees who never step foot in the office.

We’ll cover Workforce Dimensions’ exciting features in more detail below, but here’s a summary of some of our favorites:

  • Cloud-based—Say hello to automatic security patches and goodbye to needing your own servers.
  • Easily Accessible—Employees can access Workforce Dimensions through kiosks, time clocks, on their phone or tablet, and web-based employee self-service portals.
  • Advanced Scheduler—Work in an industry where you need to do a lot of shift-swapping? (Like, say, healthcare or manufacturing.) Workforce Dimensions can tackle even thorny scheduling issues, no problem.
  • Customized Reporting—If you need a flexible analytics tool that you can custom-tailor for your specific needs, you’ll find it in Workforce Dimensions. (And if you need customized Kronos training, you’ll find it with Surety Systems.)

Kronos Workforce Dimensions Features

Now that we’ve skimmed the surface of a few amazing features you’ll find in Kronos Workforce Dimensions, let’s take a deeper dive into what makes this software so useful.


The same dependable timekeeping software that you know and love from Kronos, Workforce Dimensions makes it easy to manage employee time and punch data, calculates breaks and lunches, and helps to manage missed meal penalties. (And this feature is even more useful than before, now that Oregon and Washington have joined California in imposing stricter penalties when employees miss their meals.) 

In addition to seamless shift differential management, Dimensions also changes how holiday and time-off requests are managed (sending them through the schedule first), saving managers from having to navigate through multiple screens. 


Kronos has beefed up the scheduling functionalities in Workforce Dimensions, especially when compared to iSeries. Base Scheduling is super easy to use, providing managers with a snapshot of everything an employee is doing that week. That data then flows to the timecard (as opposed to vice versa), making it simple for supervisors to get a clear picture of what the week looks like from the 10,000-foot view.

Advanced Scheduler kicks things up a notch with shift-swapping, self-scheduling, and job certification requirements. Whether you work in healthcare and need to make it easy for providers to swap shifts, or in a manufacturing environment where employees shouldn’t be assigned to certain roles if they haven’t been trained on that equipment, Advanced Scheduler can handle it.

Data Collection

Software that can manage employee information is great, but only if it’s easy to get that information into the system. As is to be expected, Workforce Dimensions makes that part of the process seamless as well, offering a variety of different ways for employees to clock in and out, including from their mobile devices or home computer, via kiosk, and their time clocks.

Data Automation

Speaking of handling data, Kronos has done a lot with Workforce Dimensions to reduce manual errors and save managers from having to enter data multiple times. By integrating Workforce Dimensions with your payroll software (as well as other relevant solutions, such as talent management), data can automatically flow where it needs to be. Additionally, Kronos has ensured that Dimensions automatically fills out every field when it can be, saving you time and effort when a potential hire becomes a new employee, for example.

Analytics & Reporting

Keeping the data ball rolling, Workforce Dimensions also has tons to offer in terms of analytics and reporting. The analytics portion of the software comes with a wide array of useful formulas, as well as data visualization capabilities so that you can make sense of the information in your system. In terms of reporting, while the base reports are pretty robust to begin with, Workforce Dimensions also gives you the ability to tailor them to your specific needs.


Workforce Dimensions integrates with pretty much any system out there, thanks to custom integrations. Whatever you need to go to Payroll (such as punch data, time-off information, etc.), Workforce Dimensions can handle it.


Often intertwined with Payroll, the HR section of Workforce Dimensions has plenty to offer as well, helping out everywhere from attendance to leave management. In terms of attendance, Kronos has made it much easier to ensure that you have the right people on the clock (i.e. those who are punctual, get their work done on time, take their breaks, etc.) It’s easier than ever in Workforce Dimensions to manage attendance policies and keep track of who’s leaving early, who’s late, or who’s missing their shifts entirely. In terms of leave, COVID certainly hasn’t made anything simpler, so HR will be glad to know that Workforce Dimensions can handle both regular leave policies and the new COVID ones.

What Are the Benefits of Using Kronos Workforce Dimensions?

There are tons of benefits of using Kronos Workforce Dimensions, and even better, those benefits aren’t just limited to HR/Payroll. Employees (remote and otherwise) will love the variety of ways they can access the system and keep track of their time. Managers will love how much time and effort the software saves them during administrative tasks, giving them space to focus on leadership. Of course, HR and Payroll are definitely going to appreciate the reduction in manual errors they’ll see (and have to fix) from missed/incorrect punches and duplicated employee data.

Kronos Dimensions Consulting

There’s a lot to Kronos Workforce Dimensions, and making the transition from an older version of Kronos (or another system entirely) can be a bit of a challenge. But it doesn’t have to be—the Surety Systems Kronos consulting team has the experience you need to get Workforce Dimensions working for you. From custom-tailored training to hands-on help with setting up pay rules, our senior-level consultants are here for you.

If you’re ready to get started, or you’d just like to learn more about the services we offer, contact us today.