Here at Surety Systems, we understand that it takes a lot of time, effort, and funding to set up JD Edwards at your company, and that it’s never an easy thing to go through a major ERP update. At the same time, our 2018 JD Edwards survey results indicate that there’s a strong desire among JDE users to stay code-current. That’s why we’re so pleased to share the news with you that Oracle has extended JD Edwards Premier Support through at least 2030, and that it’s doing so through continuous delivery.

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What is Continuous Delivery?

As a reminder (or an explanation, for those not in the know), continuous delivery is an approach in software engineering that focuses on smaller development cycles, which allows for software that can be released pretty much whenever. This ensures that software is built, tested, and delivered more quickly than traditional “major” releases, and makes for less risk on the part of companies that upgrade, as those upgrades won’t be just major departures from what they were using before.

Premier Support Until When?

Oracle’s announcement that it will support EnterpriseOne until at least 2030 (and World until at least 2025) should provide some peace of mind to a number of organizations out there. Oracle describes its Premier Support service as “Consistent enterprise software support available across Oracle products, including databases, middleware, and applications” and “Global, 24/7 access to Oracle experts, knowledge, tools, and best practices,” so the fact that JDE-powered companies will have more than a decade to enjoy its benefits is great.

Nor will Oracle simply end support for these products in 2025/2030. The company’s official statement on the matter is that they “will evaluate the support dates annually and determine when it makes sense to extend the Premier and Extended Support time horizons.” Their plan is to deliver new enhancement releases for EnterpriseOne 9.2 two to three times a year and as needed for World.

We know that upgrading from one version to another can be a major hassle. Looking to make the leap from EnterpriseOne 9.1 (or earlier) to 9.2 to take advantage of Premier Support? And don’t think we’ve forgotten about you, World users. If you’d like to make the switch to the newest version of JD Edwards, Surety’s expansive network of senior-level JD Edwards consultants has you covered.