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BSSV or AIS Server: How to Choose the One for You

Aug 21, 2018

When working with integrations in JD Edwards, you’re going to encounter two types of integration frameworks: the BSSV (Business Services) server and the AIS (Application Interface Services) server. Both perform similar functions, but you may be wondering which one is better to use given your particular needs. Luckily, Surety Systems is here with the answer for you. Read on to learn more about the differences between them, and how to figure out the answer to the question: BSSV or AIS server?


Business Services opens up the world of Java to EnterpriseOne and opens E1 up to the web so that web applications are able to call E1 seamlessly using SOAP. A very robust framework, the BSSV server is built on top of a Java platform and allows users to execute self-contained stateless business functions like “Get Item List Price” as a web service. Users can also create new custom business services like “Generate Sales Order,” calling the base E1 master business functions to validate and create the Sales Order within E1.

For calling 3rd-party applications, Business Services can either use SOAP-based web services or Restful Services/JSON to connect EnterpriseOne to external applications.

AIS Server

An AIS server communicates between JDE EnterpriseOne and other AIS server clients. This type of server is perfect for clients or software languages that use JSON over REST. Clients that use an AIS server to interact with EnterpriseOne include:

  • Apps created with the AIS Client Java API
  • Components created using the Oracle Java Extension Toolkit (JET) that can run inside EnterpriseOne UX One pages
  • EnterpriseOne mobile apps created using the Oracle Mobile Application Framework (MAF)
  • EnterpriseOne apps created with the Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF)
  • IoT devices

BSSV or AIS Server?

Now comes the important question: does the BSSV or AIS server better solve whatever need you to have in JD Edwards? If you’re in search of something to simply integrate with external applications, BSSV could work for you. (To make things even easier, Oracle has a set of pre-built EnterpriseOne Business Services for you.) However, if you need to integrate with social networks, smart devices, or IoT devices, consider the AIS server. Why?

Keep in mind that SOAP (which BSSV need to work) is a bit sluggish on mobile, social, and “chatty” apps, i.e. apps that require a lot of communication between client machines and central servers. The AIS server, on the other hand, uses a lightweight REST over JSON engine. Because it’s more lightweight, AIS is preferred for consumer touchpoints and IoT devices where you need real-time/nearly real-time integration speeds. (JD Edwards’ IoT Orchestrator makes things a lot easier, too.)

How Oracle Compares the Two

Here’s what Oracle has to say about them both:

The JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Business Services server is a robust tool for integrating JD Edwards EnterpriseOne inbound and outbound transactions as web services using the SOAP protocol. For certain integration patterns, the Business Services server remains the method of choice. The IoT Orchestrator—and more specifically the Application Interface Services (AIS) server—provides a new alternative integration method based on the REST service protocol. The nature of IoT device integration makes the REST protocol a better choice for IoT orchestrations. Both BSSV and AIS continue to be important components in the broader JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Integration Platform.

Remember—integrations are crucial for efficient business operations. Ensuring you set up your systems correctly is key to making web applications, IoT-connected devices, and mobile JD Edwards apps work as well as they can. If you’re still having trouble deciding between the BSSV server and the AIS server for your JD Edwards needs, Surety System has got your back.

We have a wide network of senior-level integration consultants that will be able to assist you in figuring out which integration framework will best solve your problem, as well as setting it up for you. They’ll even ensure knowledge transfer for your team so that you’ll know how to use everything long after they’re gone, whether you go with the BSSV or AIS server.

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