What Does It Take to Land a Kronos Project Management Job?

Kronos is a powerful software that offers companies all over the globe human capital management and workforce management solutions. Implementing this software is a big job, and it takes a knowledgeable, tenured Project Manager to get the job done right.

Looking to hire or get a job as a Kronos Project Manager? Read more to learn what skills you need to be prepared for a Kronos Project Management position.

What is a Kronos Project Manager?

A Kronos Project Manager is responsible for making sure that your Workforce Management (WFM) project stays on track for success. An individual in a Kronos Project Management position plays a key leadership role on the team by coordinating all logistic elements of a Kronos project through the Kronos software application (or workflow engine). Their main goal is to get the job done effectively and efficiently by using project management skills to continuously push the project forward and ensure it doesn’t lose momentum. This can include planning and tracking of schedules and mileposts, cost and revenue analysis, resource allocation, as well as overall management of these project elements through Kronos.

What Skills Do Kronos Project Managers Need?

There are several core skills that Kronos Project Managers need in order to be successful. Learn more about them below.

Project Management Skills

A good Kronos Project Manager needs to, of course, have excellent project management skills. The tenets of this skill center around being able to juggle the following areas:

  • Task Management: Project Managers need to ensure that each person is delegated tasks, and that they fully understand how to accomplish them.
  • Implementation Schedules and Time Management: It’s essential that project timelines stay on track, so Project Managers are tasked with keeping accurate time tables so the project will launch on time.
  • Upgrade Opportunities: Once the project is underway, Project Managers should stay vigilant and identify gaps where an upgrade in services can be beneficial.
  • Prioritization: Project Managers need to help the wider team prioritize their tasks in order for them to understand the hierarchy of each.
  • Scope Identification and Development: Project Managers should adequately and accurately identify the scope of the Kronos implementation project and ensure that all the work that is being done during its timeline is directly related to it.

Team Building Skills

Kronos Project managers need to have excellent interpersonal and communication skills in order for the project to succeed. Project Managers have to be able to talk to people at different levels of the organization, as well as people who perform different roles within the organization, so this requires them to have enough emotional intelligence to fluidly communicate and empathize with others.

Additionally, the Project Manager needs to be able to foster the spirit of teamwork with the project team so everyone will be motivated and continuously energized throughout the Kronos project’s scope.

Specific Experience With Kronos Software

Lastly, interested Kronos Project Managers need to have relevant, on-the-job experience with Kronos. This may seem like an obvious detail, but it’s an important distinction to make, especially because of how involved they will be throughout the implementation process. Kronos Project Managers need to have a firm understanding of the tool’s key features, and have implemented a similar project in the past. Additionally, they should also have HCM and WFM experience, along with knowledge on how to migrate entire operations into the cloud.

Resources For Kronos Project Manager

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