In today’s globalized economy, efficient transportation management is critical for businesses looking to optimize their supply chains and reduce total costs. 

Infor Transportation Management (TM) is a critical component of the modernized supply chain landscape designed to help companies streamline their core logistics operations, enhance production and distribution visibility, and improve overall supply chain performance. 

Read on to learn more about Infor Transportation Management and how our senior-level Infor consultants can help your organization maximize your technology investment.

What is Infor Transportation Management?

Infor Nexus Transportation Management is a comprehensive global planning and visibility platform for managing multiple modes of transportation in one place. This platform features control tower orchestration and network advantages for customers with complex transportation requirements.

It integrates international logistics with intelligent domestic transport capabilities via the cloud. Addressing transportation planning, sourcing, and execution, Infor Nexus Transportation Management provides total control over freight expenses and coordinates multi-party transportation efforts. 

This solution allows organizations to align transportation planning across regional divisions, business units, third-party logistics providers (3PLs), and existing transportation management systems (TMS), transforming global transportation activities into strategic assets rather than merely cost centers.

Features of Infor Transportation Management

Infor Nexus Transportation Management provides robust transportation and supply chain visibility, delivering optimization, global planning, and performance management for multimodal, multi-leg, and multi-stop product journeys.

Here’s a look at the top features Infor TM has to offer:

Global, Multimodal Rating

  • Manage freight costs using a centrally operated, multimodal rating engine directly sourced from existing contracts.
  • Improve compliance for your organization and associated logistics partners with an API that offers a rating as a web service.
  • Accurately rate new shipments during booking or tending to ensure valuable freight accruals.

Transport planning transparency

  • View transportation plans across multiple legs, modes, and service providers to quickly address exceptions.
  • Enhance cost containment and performance of 3PLs and carriers using intelligent itineraries and projected freight spending.
  • Foster continuous improvement by comparing actual execution details with optimized plans and costs.

Optimizations and transportation planning

  • Enhance routing and carrier choices.
  • Automate typical execution operations to grow without unnecessary overhead.
  • Combine and plan shipments from their origin, spanning multiple modes and regions.

Freight payment and audit

  • Track freight expenses and shipments in a single, unified platform.
  • Obtain comprehensive cost projection and dynamic expense tracking for earlier insights into freight spending habits.
  • Adopt best practices, such as self-pay/self-invoice, with closed-loop spend management in the comprehensive FP&A module.

3PL flexibility

  • Improve performance and service, limit outsourcing risks, and gauge partners objectively.
  • Collaborate with 3PLs and forwarders globally while maintaining data and supply chain visibility on a single platform.

Constant transportation improvement

  • Enhance performance and quick replies to volatile markets while maintaining effective expense management tactics.
  • Get critical insights into service provider performance, expedited shipments, detailed transportation cycles, and regional trends.

Multiple modes of transportation sourcing

  • Optimize transportation contract sourcing and spot bids to manage global freight expenses and secure essential capacity.
  • Ensure the negotiated value translates effectively into realized enterprise value.
  • Conduct intricate international freight bidding events for ocean, truckload, and air with minimal effort and improved results.

Benefits of Infor Transportation Management

  • Work effectively with 3PLs and forwarders
  • Access air, ocean, truck, and package modes
  • Plan and optimize global transportation from start to finish
  • Enhance rate and contact management strategies
  • Leverage multimodal, multi-stop, and multi-leg functionalities for improved efficiency

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