In today’s business world, streamlined and efficient operations are critical for success, and companies are continuously seeking new opportunities to optimize workflows, reduce costs, and improve productivity. Infor Document Capture (IDC) is a robust tool that transforms how businesses handle document management activities and maintain compliance with critical documentation guidelines.

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Understanding Infor Document Management

Infor Document Management (IDM) helps organizations overcome various challenges associated with unstructured content and manual document processing by consolidating all business documents in one platform and ensuring document permissions are enforced. This way, users can improve collaboration and maintain up-to-date information across teams and business units.

IDM allows users to simplify document-centric business processes by integrating all documents in a comprehensive business application or financial management platform. In return, this optimizes decision-making and productivity. With Infor’s Document Management tools, users can leverage documents as shared content in Ming.le conversations, collaborate on documents in other Infor solutions, or modify existing documents in the Microsoft Office suite.

Ephesoft’s IDM Capture is an intelligent document capture tool integrated with Infor OS multi-tenant and delivered as a plug-in solution for the IDM Cloud Document Management system.

What is Infor Document Capture?

Infor Document Capture (IDC) is a sophisticated document management tool that streamlines document gathering, processing, and safeguarding. Created with seamless platform integration in mind, it provides a comprehensive platform for electronically managing documents. This tool streamlines document workflows, assists organizations in digitizing paper documents, and improves overall data security and accessibility.

By automatically categorizing information by document type and storing all relevant data for each document in a single platform, IDC makes it easier to improve productivity and efficiency and gain a comprehensive view of core business processes across the Infor Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) landscape.

Infor Document Capture also allows users to convert unstructured document data from various formats into structured information via analytics and machine learning tools.

What Sets Infor Document Capture Apart?

IDM Capture is fueled by Ephesoft Smart Capture Technology, which provides Intelligent Character Recognition capabilities and an Optical Character Recognition tool to complete document capture processes. It can be deployed on-premise, as a hybrid solution, or in the cloud.

IDM Capture allows users to connect and scan documents via a web browser without installing new software. This solution helps users obtain relevant documentation directly from the application in use, minimizing errors and reducing the time and cost of invoice processing.

Top Benefits of Infor Document Capture

  1. Improved Collaboration: Enhance collaboration and connection across remote and hybrid teams by storing documents digitally and leveraging mobile capabilities to access them anytime, anywhere.
  2. Cost Savings: Automate core processes and reduce reliance on paper documents and manual data entry to reduce operational costs and limit errors.
  3. Security and Compliance: Deliver secure document storage and detailed audit trails to maintain regulatory compliance. This ensures sensitive information is handled appropriately and can be traced if necessary.
  4. Accuracy: Leverage Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to ensure data captured from documents is accurate and reduce the risk of errors associated with manual data entry.
  5. Increased Efficiency: Automate document capture and associated workflows to reduce manual effort, ensure quick turnaround times, and improve operational efficiency.

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