In the competitive landscape of service-based industries, delivering exceptional customer service while efficiently managing operations is vital for success.

Infor CloudSuite Distribution (CSD) is designed to meet these demands, offering a comprehensive, cloud-based solution that streamlines order processing, inventory management, and customer engagement. This powerful platform integrates advanced analytics and real-time data, empowering distributors to enhance service levels, optimize supply chains, and drive business growth.

This article explores the key features and benefits of Infor CSD, highlighting how it transforms warehouse management, streamlines enterprise-wide business processes, and elevates customer satisfaction in a rapidly evolving market.

What is Infor CloudSuite Distribution?

Infor CloudSuite Distribution offers a complete cloud service equipped with industry-specific distribution capabilities and advanced analytics to ensure an intuitive user experience across all sales channels and eliminate operational silos for greater supply chain efficiency.

By integrating innovation and intelligence into core competencies and providing end-to-end functionality for critical supply chain processes, Infor Distribution SX.e empowers distributors to boost performance, address unique organizational requirements, and become innovative partners in the digital age.

Infor’s CloudSuite Distribution platform enables companies to optimize every aspect of their supply chains, from sales to financials, inventory and warehouse management, value-add services, omnichannel engagement, and more. This way, distributors can keep up with the pace of an ever-changing industry, stay relevant in a fast-paced distribution economy, and improve customer service and satisfaction.

Agile Cloud Services for Better Distribution Efficiency

Distribution service

Leverage core ERP capabilities like inventory management, financials, purchasing, quote and order management, pricing optimization, and more to improve distribution efficiency.

Proof of delivery

Organize and manage the delivery of multiple orders in a customized route, automatically updating the back-end ERP system with information about both the order and the delivery process.

Pricing strategies

Utilize historical behavioral data and scientific analysis functionality to generate margin optimization recommendations, increase profit without increasing costs, and improve overall margins.

BI and analytics

Access distribution-specific business intelligence and analytics, patented automation, and machine learning capabilities to connect teams and applications effectively and optimize core business operations across the enterprise landscape.

Innovative technology

Use innovative cloud ERP technology to facilitate efficient integrations between enterprise systems, improve user collaboration, and gain real-time visibility into critical distribution operations.

Infor Implementation Accelerator

Drive quicker implementation timelines and ensure efficient process flows through pre-configured distribution processes, user-defined menus, intuitive data models, and distribution-specific user training.

Optional capabilities for product extension

Project job management

Manage multiple bids, quotes, and bidders for a project on a single screen, including different locations, multiple deadlines, various revisions, and many associated documents.

Service and rental

Integrate service-focused functionality into the Infor Distribution SX platform to expand revenue streams, manage rental equipment inventory and contracts, and bridge communication gaps.

Storeroom management

Extend customer service beyond traditional distributor-customer relationships by monitoring machine supplies and warehouse space utilized for industrial machines, vehicles, tool cribs, job sites, and more.

Warehouse logistics

Improve visibility into orders, inventory, people, and equipment to enhance service levels, manage warehouse functions, and maintain accurate inventory tracking operations.

Enterprise analytics

Provide more enterprise data for users to blend data across Infor solutions or third-party applications and enable personalized metrics for individual users or roles.

Application development

Accelerate application creation and deployment through an intuitive browser-based development tool that requires minimal to no complex coding.

Document capture

Leverage appropriate built-in business logic to process and classify documents and extract relevant data from them.

Partnering with the Experts

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Our senior-level Infor consultants have the skills and experience to understand your critical project needs, create personalized action plans, and maintain operational excellence over time.

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