Infor provides intuitive analytics technology and comprehensive collaboration tools to enable sales assistance, manage interest generation, monitor quote capturing, improve pricing functionality, and optimize process efficiency in a single solution.

Read on to learn more about Infor’s Configure Price Quote (CPQ) solution, as well as how our senior-level Infor consultants can help your organization.

What is Infor CPQ?

Infor Configure Price Quote (CPQ) is a cloud-based product configuration software designed to help your sales team, distributors, and executive partners close complex sales more efficiently and reduce pricing and product cost errors. Sales reps and dealers can quickly become product experts by accumulating pricing and engineering knowledge.

Infor’s image-driven solution enables organizations to…

  • Optimize pricing, quoting, and order documentation processes
  • Bring products to life through 2D and 3D visual product configurations
  • Reduce pricing errors and improve quotes for complex products
  • Automate documentation workflows (i.e., sales, service, and production activities)
  • Convert quotes into orders for more accurate manufacturing information
  • Improve time to value and increase return on investment (ROI)

Key Capabilities of the Solution

With Infor’s innovative Configure Price Quote technology, companies can simplify product rules, increase sales productivity and profitability, and improve customer satisfaction in the process.

Here are a few key capabilities of the Infor Configure Price Quote solution…

Seamless Customer Integration

Infor’s integrated Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution and advanced API gateway simplify integrations between an ERP system, solutions, and third-party applications.

Infor CPQ is built within the Infor OS suite, making it easy to integrate with CloudSuite applications and manage back-end processes more efficiently.

And, Infor CPQ also provides key integration capabilities that help connect it to Infor’s customer relationship management (CRM) solution, providing a comprehensive way to manage relations with current or potential buys.

The CPQ module also offers pre-built integration with computer-aided design (CAD) systems to create detailed shop drawings and virtual models for important product information and provide immediate confirmation for configured product accuracy.

Data Transformation and Storage

Infor CPQ offers comprehensive data acquisition technologies and a centralized data repository to transform, exchange, and store important enterprise data, including quotes, proposals, and other sales documents.

Infor’s data warehouse not only streamlines access to your most valuable product and consumer data, ensures data governance and fidelity, provides improved security and access permissions to protect your data, and stores such data in a single solution.

Software Extensibility

Infor’s custom developer tools seamlessly integrate with Infor CPQ to provide a better experience for customers without the need for complex programming or code configuration.

From managing consumer-grade web interfaces to replacing customizations with standard business processes, integrating high-productivity forms, and more, Infor CPQ rules streamline operations within each application and simplify the user experience through a single solution.

Improved Enterprise Experience

The Infor Configure Price Quote solution provides a centralized point of access within a user’s Infor applications through a singles sign-on approach.

And, Infor CPQ users can streamline communication across all areas of their organization, improve organizational visibility through real-time analytics and insights, and leverage an easy-to-use solution for improved employee engagement and satisfaction.

Main Advantages for Your Organization

Infor CPQ helps companies automate manual quote creation processes to increase and ensure product visibility, reduce errors and overhead costs, and increase overall profit.

The solution also helps improve the buying experience for consumers by offering greater visibility through visualizations of key product features and dimensions.

This not only helps improve product transparency before purchase, but it also builds trust between consumers and producers, positively influences purchase decisions, and reduces online return rates.

The Infor CPQ solution also accelerates sales cycles by leveraging more efficient proposal and content generation processes, improving connections between sales channels, and providing easy configuration for any other sales documents, production documents, and documents for service activities.

How Can We Help?

Whether you need help navigating complex product visualization and shop floor documentation processes, implementing a fully integrated suite of applications within your ERP system, optimizing your sales channels, or anything else Infor-related, Surety Systems is here to help.

And, we’ve included a sample profile of one of our top-notch Infor Configure Price Quote (CPQ) consultants to give you a better idea of what to expect when partnering with us…

Surety Senior Infor CPQ Consultant

  • 30 years of IT Transformation Consulting experience
  • 8 years of Infor M3, 4 years of SAP SCM/FICO experience
  • Planned, Tested, and Implemented entire Infor CPQ rules structure and program
  • M3 Enterprise Collaborator, Mashups, Web Services, Smart Data, and API tools expertise
  • Experience extracting data from XML, Excel, Oracle, SQL, and MS-Access

Getting Started with Us

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