Managing jobs, projects, resources, and budgets efficiently is crucial for success in the dynamic and fast-paced construction industry.

Infor Construction software offers a robust solution tailored to the unique needs of construction firms. It provides advanced tools for project management, financial planning, and workforce optimization, empowering construction companies to improve collaboration and ensure projects are completed on time and within budget.

In this article, we explore the key features and benefits of Infor Construction software, highlighting how it transforms construction management and drives business growth in a competitive market.

Understanding Infor Construction Software

Infor Construction software provides an innovative framework to help organizations across the construction and property management industry digitize core workflows and bridge the productivity gap.

With intelligent cost accounting, contract, and project management tools, Infor enables companies to track all unit costs associated with a project, improve labor productivity, and maintain strong subcontract relationships.

The integrated construction management and accounting solution enables users to:

  • Integrate job cost with accounting information
  • Conduct real-time analysis of planned versus actual costs
  • Leverage reports and drill-down capabilities for comprehensive access to transaction data
  • Track job cost commitments and manage contract relationships
  • Streamline financial reporting processes across project teams, departments, and locations

Key Capabilities of Infor’s Cloud-Based Construction Management Software

Infor Construction offers a cloud-based solution to help companies navigate supply chain complexity, improve financial management and reconciliation, and meet unique business demands. Here’s a closer look:

Multiple billing methods

Choose from free-form billing, time and materials, contract, cost plus, and progress billing (i.e., AIA).

Job cost reports

Access real-time project data and track percent complete, cost at completion, and budget variances to improve visibility and run jobs efficiently.

Financial integrations

Integrate all financial management and accounting functions in a single platform to facilitate simple reconciliation between general ledger and job cost reporting and ensure accurate project payment.

Phase/cost codes

Leverage multiple work breakdown structures to collect and manage costs for jobs.

Executive dashboard

Enable corporate decision-makers to access high-level job cost information and display executive-level operational and financial data whenever and wherever it’s needed.

Importing functions

Import hours estimates and cost quantities from spreadsheet applications directly to Infor systems.

Drill-down features

Leverage job overview and drill-down tools to view critical details for both summary cost and revenue metrics.

Custom reports

Connect with Microsoft Excel to create real-time reports and present accurate data.

Benefits for Users Across Construction Industry Segments

  • Collect and analyze vast amounts of data for accurate, informed insights
  • Attract top-tier talent and maintain workforce health and safety for better retention
  • Collaborate with and learn from similarly complex organizations across multiple verticals
  • Access augmented reality, artificial intelligence, IoT, predictive analytics, and process automation tools for improved collaboration and efficiency
  • Leverage building information modeling (BIM) to enhance supply chain collaboration
  • Monitor the performance and health of mission-critical assets to eliminate downtime
  • Optimize supply chain and project planning operations through supported work breakdown structures

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