In the dynamic world of modernized enterprise software, tailoring applications to meet specific business needs is crucial for ensuring reliable data and maintaining competitive advantage.

Infor Configuration Console enables organizations to customize and configure their Infor applications without the need for extensive coding or development resources. This user-friendly platform allows organizations to modify fields, forms, workflows, and business rules, ensuring the software aligns perfectly with their unique processes and requirements.

This article discusses the core components and capabilities of the Infor Configuration Console Rich Client User Guide, exploring how it empowers organizations to enhance flexibility, efficiency, and productivity by making application customization accessible and straightforward.

Understanding the Infor Configuration Console

The Configuration Console is a tool within the Infor Rich Client used to make changes that improve core user experiences across Landmark-based applications, including modifications to applications, web services, and security features.

Infor’s Configuration Console makes it easier for users to complete the following tasks:

  • Import and export configurations and personalizations in a complete PDF report
  • Create configuration changes for features that apply across user interfaces, data areas, or specific business logic
  • Leverage tags, bundles, and snapshots to migrate sets of configurations
  • Identify and address invalid configurations
  • Access the LPL source for business logic and user interface applications
  • Create new application components, business logic, and user interfaces

With the Configuration Console Rich Client solution, administrators and power users can modify:


  • Create new business classes, rules, actions, and user interface components
  • Modify existing menus, reports, embedded analytics cubes, pages, and user interface objects
  • Build and update MIME types
  • Enable and disable time zones and data translation features

Web services

  • Create new web services to view or update Landmark data and non-Landmark systems


  • Maintain identity, actor, and role records and create or modify security classes

Connections with Landmark Pattern Language Tools

By analyzing the current Landmark Pattern Language (LPL), users can access user interface views and business logic views and outline possible configuration changes. For example, when a configuration is created, users can view the LPL for the specific configuration and compare the configuration to the delivered LPL.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Click Configuration Console and navigate to LPL Viewer.
  2. Select a tab to view all items of that type in the current system:
    1. Lists
    2. Forms
    3. Pages
    4. Menus
    5. Business Views
    6. Card Views
    7. Type Fields
    8. Web Applications
  3. (For business views and type fields) Click the Business Logic tab to view the LPL details for the type field or business class. Select the User Interface tab to view the LPL details for user interface items like forms and lists.
  4. Select an item from the list to view specific LPL details.

Top 3 Benefits of Infor’s Configuration Console

Reduced IT dependency

The Configuration Console Rich Client solution allows business users to make necessary adjustments themselves, freeing up IT resources for more strategic initiatives and reducing the bottleneck associated with traditional software customization processes.

Improved system agility

With the ability to configure and deploy changes rapidly within Infor’s Configuration Console, organizations can respond more quickly to business opportunities and challenges and support continuous improvement and innovation.

Simplified customization

Infor Configuration Console allows users to customize their applications without extensive coding knowledge. Its user-friendly interface enables organizations to modify fields, forms, workflows, and business rules with minimal technical expertise.

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