Are you considering moving your workforce management (WFM) solution to the cloud? Many organizations are preparing for their journey by considering Infor’s CloudSuite WFM suite, a comprehensive solution that manages everything from timekeeping to workforce scheduling, labor performance to labor compliance. It’s made to work for organizations of all sizes and industries to help reduce the risk of compliance errors, save money, and optimize the workforce. 

Read on to learn more about the benefits and features of CloudSuite WFM. 

What Can CloudSuite WFM Do for Me?

Smart companies are ditching the traditional manual and semi-automated processes for a solution that can scale to their business needs. Now, more than ever, business leaders need real-time workforce data and predictive analytics to help increase employee engagement, morale, and customer service. Also critical is finding innovative ways to control labor costs while maintaining productivity, customer service, and compliance. 

Organizations need a new workforce strategy that aligns with their business strategies in order to achieve these goals, which is where CloudSuite WFM comes in. Assisted by artificial intelligence and machine-learning analytics, CloudSuite WFM has built-in integrated business data insights to give you the data you need to take action and future-proof your business. 

It doesn’t get much smarter than that. 

What’s Available in the Suite?

CloudSuite WFM is easy to administer and support and comes with a complete suite that includes: 

Workforce Planning

Workforce planning allows you to automate your workforce deployment, saving you time and money.

Workforce Scheduling

Workforce scheduling allows you to select one of several scheduler types to meet your unique business needs and helps to ensure that you’re compliant with everything from government regulations to union rules. 

Workforce Time and Attendance: 

Now, you can help your payroll department reduce errors and potential overpayment by validating time and labor data collection in real-time. 

Workforce Performance

With this module, managers will have access to key performance indicators like labor spend, overtime, and attendance, all through easily configurable dashboards. 

Workforce Mobility

Allow your employees to break free from the office and perform workforce-related tasks on their mobile devices. 

Features and Benefits of CloudSuite WFM

CloudSuite WFM will help you create and manage your budget with historical performance, standards, and productivity factors to develop a labor budget and approval process that covers forecasted data. The solution offers a number of benefits for employees and managers, especially when it comes to self-service and mobility. 

Employees can use CloudSuite WFM to easily view their personal information, request time off, and communicate with managers and other employees. Management can also access information on the go—edit timesheets, check work schedules, swap shifts, and more—all through their smartphones. 

In terms of saving time, CloudSuite WFM makes evaluating workforce performance a breeze with custom dashboards and reports—allowing you to make business decisions quickly—and the state-of-the-art report writer generates custom production reports in hours instead of days (or even weeks). 

If you’re ready to start your journey to the cloud with CloudSuite WFM, we can help you get there successfully. Our senior-level Infor Lawson consultants can guide you every step of the way, from guiding you on how to prepare for transforming your current setup, all the way to selecting and implementing the one that’s right for you.

Ready to give your business a competitive edge and get more out of your workforce? Contact us today to get started.