Effective case management is essential for organizations of various sizes and industry verticals to efficiently handle and resolve customer and employee issues and improve overall performance.

Infor Case Management, a robust solution within the Infor suite, streamlines the entire case resolution process, providing a centralized platform for managing inquiries, complaints, and service requests. It enhances organizational responsiveness and accountability by enabling seamless tracking, collaboration, and resolution of cases within a company’s Infor environment.

This article explores the key features and benefits of Infor Case Management solutions, highlighting how they empower organizations to deliver superior customer service and support through efficient and transparent case handling.

Understanding Case Management in Infor

Infor Case Management provides a comprehensive suite of self-service HR service delivery tools designed to help users submit, track, manage, and respond to HR-related inquiries. As part of the Infor Global HR system, the Case Management module makes it easier for employees, managers, and service agents to create and manage cases and maintain a single record for all cases, all in the same place.

Here are a few core capabilities included in Infor’s HR Case Management software:

  • Intelligent case routing to ensure quick resolution by the right subject matter experts
  • Service-level agreement tracking to ensure timely case resolution
  • Case scenarios, topics, and predefined selections for simplified case submissions
  • Complete visibility into assigned and unassigned cases through agent and manager queues
  • Integration with Global HR to keep all employee information related to a case in the same place

Key Features of Infor HR Case Management Software

Reporting and analytics

Manage and analyze active cases, closed cases, and more to ensure efficient time to close.

SLA tracking

Track critical service level agreement (SLA) tasks and respond to cases in a timely manner.

Case routing

Ensure the right employees have access to the right cases and associated resources.

Surveys and routine inquiries

Create post-case surveys to collect feedback from employees and improve future case procedures.

Agent and manager queues

Empower managers and agents to respond to and close cases on their own.

Navigating Core Service Center Roles

Infor Case Management serves as a service center for organizations, providing a multi-tier approach to ensure core employee human resources needs are met. Companies can link their Case Management module to their Infor HR Knowledgebase so employees and service agents can quickly and easily exchange information and resolve cases.

Infor’s service center provides dashboards, case queues, and reports to manage cases assigned to specific service groups, making it easier to record and manage each interaction in the system. Here are a few key tasks associated with each service center user role:

Service Administrator

  • Access the chat monitor for timely and accurate services
  • Archive cases that are no longer active or assigned
  • Use directory and profile features to access information for individual employees
  • Monitor performance through reports and the administrator dashboard

Self-Service Employee

  • Open, close, and reopen cases
  • View case data through the AskHR module in Infor HR Knowledgebase

Agent and Service Manager

  • Create, process, close, and reopen cases
  • Access the directory and profile data for personalized service
  • Track cases through reports and dashboards
  • Use the chat monitor and chat queue to provide valuable feedback

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