Employee engagement and satisfaction are more important now than ever, especially with ever-changing workforce regulations and increasing turnover rates.

Businesses are realizing how important it is to create a workplace culture that makes employees feel heard, respected, and empowered. UKG Employee Voice has gained popularity through its creative workforce management solutions and ability to help customers ensure positive and engaging workplace experiences.

Read on to learn more about UKG Employee Voice and how our expert UKG consultants can help your organization maximize success.

What is UKG Employee Voice?

UKG (formerly Ultimate Software) Employee Voice is an employee sentiment survey solution that encourages companies to utilize employee feedback about leadership, operations, and the organization to build a workplace culture that motivates, empowers, and retains their most important assets- their people.

Administrators can use this important tool to determine which factors are most valuable in boosting employee engagement, satisfaction, and retention. UKG Employee Voice’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) features allow key stakeholders to analyze unstructured data to make business decisions that align with core workforce initiatives.

Key Features of UKG Employee Voice

Here are a few critical features of the UKG Employee Voice platform for business users:

Enhanced Decision-Making:

UKG fully supports an inclusive decision-making process that gives employees a say in topics that directly affect them. This enables customers to improve overall decision-making, facilitate better business outcomes, and create a sense of ownership among employees.

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs):

UKG creates employee resource groups that deliver an opportunity to build connections with employees based on shared experiences, interests, or backgrounds. The groups also provide opportunities for users to access forums and participate in open discussions to understand their technology and make the most of their UKG systems.

Open Medium for Communication:

Through various communication channels, such as town hall sessions, team meetings, and discussions on digital communication platforms, employees can state their opinions freely and get their most critical questions answered. Employees also have the option to remain anonymous, ensuring their honest feedback stays confidential.

Feedback Tools:

UKG regularly utilizes feedback loops to conduct regular performance analysis and optimize constructive feedback sessions. This intelligent tool optimizes core workflows and improves the overall work environment for employees across teams, making it incredibly helpful for organizations managing teams across different office locations, regions, or countries.

The Importance of UKG’s Employee Voice Surveys

Utilizing an employee survey that recognizes trends affecting productivity, performance, and engagement helps organizations better understand and support their employees in a meaningful and effective way.

The most helpful reviews and employee surveys across the UKG Employee Voice platform enable employees to voice their opinions, making it easier for companies to efficiently gather and analyze real-time insights and better align employee needs with business initiatives.

Benefits of UKG Employee Voice

Here’s a look at some of the main benefits of UKG Employee Voice:

  • Utilize Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) to eliminate bias and reveal the raw emotions and themes behind the text.
  • Evaluate every stage of the life-work journey while maintaining employee anonymity and building trust within the workplace.
  • Distribute sleek, inviting surveys that encourage honest feedback and promote transparency on the go, in the workplace, or at home.
  • Give leaders suggestions for areas of improvement and categorize them into critical metrics like diversity, meaningful work, engagement, and more.

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