The SAP Data Intelligence Cloud has revolutionized the way businesses can harness the power of their data with its advanced capabilities in data integration, transformation, and machine learning.

With a solution like this, companies are enabled to extract valuable insights from their data, promote more effective data discovery, and make more data-driven decisions.

This article will provide a more in-depth view of SAP Data Intelligence and its key features and capabilities, as well as where our team of SAP consultants can fit in your organization.

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What is SAP Data Intelligence?

SAP Data Intelligence is a comprehensive data management solution designed to connect, enrich, and combine complex data types and disjointed data assets into vital data insights.

With the SAP Data Intelligence solution, users are enabled to leverage their existing business applications to provide more intelligent ways to manage, process, and integrate important SAP data, build a robust business data catalog, and combine the scatter of distributed data into a single solution to improve innovation at scale.

Key Components of the SAP Data Intelligence Cloud

Let’s take a closer look at the main components of the Data Intelligence Cloud in SAP…

1) Enterprise Data Management

As an enterprise data management solution, SAP Data Intelligence transforms distributed data sprawls, including a company’s structured, unstructured, and streaming data, into real business insights, allowing users to make more informed, data-driven decisions.


SAP Data Intelligence allows business users to combine all their most important employee, company, and operational data in a single SAP data hub, making it easier to access and analyze data from different sources in the same place.


The SAP Data Intelligence solution makes up the data orchestration layer of the SAP Business Technology Platform, allowing users to compile siloed data from multiple sources into a single cloud-based or on-premise solution.


With pre-built support for various SAP cloud processing engines and open source, third-party processing engines, SAP Data Intelligence helps optimize intelligent processes and maximize business value across the entire enterprise.

2) Comprehensive Data Catalog

With SAP Data Intelligence, users are enabled to leverage innovative, intelligent data management features to better understand their data and ensure it can be used on an enterprise scale.

Business Insights

The SAP Data Intelligence solution provides access to data lineage, anonymization, and auditing capabilities to improve the flow of data through existing data pipelines.

Business Rules and Ratings

Business rules and data ratings are essential in helping companies perform hybrid data management and maximize business value, so SAP Data Intelligence provides tools for users to organize their data into a defined business glossary.

3) Seamless Data Integration

With better connection between data assets and more informed decision-making processes, the SAP Data Intelligence Cloud allows users to unify their data sources and support intelligent data management processes.

Data Management

SAP Data Intelligence simplifies data management by allowing users to integrate, process, and analyze complex data types from one location and automate cloud process engines from a single, integrated user interface.

Data Discovery

With the Data Intelligence Cloud, SAP users are enabled to augment, transform, and understand their data and create a robust, intuitive data catalog for simplified accessibility.

4) Machine Learning Capabilities

Leveraging intelligent processes and machine learning capabilities in SAP’s Data Intelligence solution can help users improve innovation and maximize business value across the board.


SAP’s data integration and intelligence capabilities allow users to reuse models and operators to accelerate deployment processes, delivering innovation across the entire enterprise.


The collaborative nature of the SAP Data Intelligence Cloud allows IT teams and data scientists together to integrate machine learning into data processes. This way, machine learning artifacts can be managed and optimized in a more efficient way.

How to Use the SAP Data Intelligence Cloud Connector

The SAP Data Intelligence Cloud Connector is a solution offered by the SAP Business Technology Platform and designed to help companies connect operations in their Data Intelligence platform with other, on-premise networks.

Here are a few key capabilities of the connector tool…

  • Link between applications in SAP BTP and on-premise systems to use existing enterprise assets without exposing the internal landscape
  • Host data management solutions on external systems, like Microsoft Windows, MacOS, and Linux
  • Leverage greater control over on-premise systems accessed through cloud applications and cloud applications themselves
  • Run an on-premise agent in a secured network to connect on-premise networks and the SAP BTP application
  • Use features required for critical enterprise scenarios to log and audit changes in traffic or configuration and automatically recover broken connections between systems

Getting Started with Our Team

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