Planning, managing, and optimizing project goals, objectives, and teams is quite a difficult feat without the right resources and personnel.

Read on to learn how Workday Projects can help your team leverage intelligent resource staffing, planning, and project management software to improve project efficiency.

What is Workday Projects?

Workday Projects is a solution that gives companies the resources they need to connect their human capital management (HCM), financial management, time tracking, and expense management capabilities in one place. With Workday Projects, companies can unify their employees, work, and resources with a single suite of applications, making it easier than ever to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of key business processes throughout the organization.

By bringing together all business-critical functions and insights in the same place, project managers and their project management teams can more efficiently plan, integrate, and manage their day-to-day operations, including managing projects, attracting and retaining talent, and improving profitability.

Key Features of the Solution

  1. Choose the right people for each project based on skills, experience, availability, and more.
  2. Expand talent management processes to meet your needs.
  3. Manage project data, track progress, and improve visibility with a single solution.
  4. Use KPIs like project revenue, project spend, and resource utilization to capture more comprehensive business insights.
  5. Manage expenses and project costing, budgeting, and billing natively within your Workday system.
  6. Improve collaboration between internal teams and improve overall productivity.

Main Advantages of Workday Projects

Here are a few of the key benefits of using Workday Projects to manage project objectives, keep up with tasks, and improve overall productivity of your project management teams.

Planning of Work

  • Build a Workday implementation timeline to stay on track
  • Align project objectives with company goals and requirements
  • Leverage advanced budgeting and forecasting capabilities
  • Create project models and plans to meet business needs
  • Use project tasks and phases to track progress

Cost and Progress Management

  • Track project time more efficiently with Workday Time Tracking integrations
  • Manage purchase orders and project costs through Workday Procurement and Expenses integrations
  • Forecast budgets and track project progress
  • Update or change budgets, project plans, and assignments for workers as needed

Resource Management

  • View and manage worker and skills profiles through Workday HCM integrations
  • Find new talent through criteria-specific searches (i.e., skills, competencies, experience, qualifications, etc.)
  • Easily review schedules to ensure project teams are staffed properly

Project Analysis

  • Use dashboards to view and track project progress
  • Set notifications to stay up-to-date with completed project tasks and objectives
  • Rate the quality of completed projects
  • Leverage previous projects to gain insights for future project improvement

How Can We Help?

Your project. Your needs. Our expertise. That’s the name of the game at Surety Systems.

Our team of senior-level Workday consultants has the skills and experience needed to lead your project teams to success every time. Whether you need help planning your Workday projects to meet specific business needs, an extra hand managing your resource capacity planning software, assistance building a Workday implementation project plan, or anything in between, our consultants are here to help.

And, even better, we’ve included a sample profile of one of our Workday consultants to give you an idea of what to expect when partnering with us:

Surety Senior Workday Projects Consultant

  • 9+ years of Workday experience, 15+ years in HRIS/Payroll roles
  • Specializes in Workday projects with data conversions and moving new organizations into an existing Workday system
  • Able to provide Advanced Reporting experience as well as touch on day-to-day HCM support
  • Most recent Workday project was a lead for data conversion for HCM, Benefits, Compensation, Talent and Time Tracking
  • Able to troubleshoot and provide knowledge transfer as needed

Contact us today to learn more or get started with one of our Workday project management experts.