In the ever-evolving landscape of enterprise software, achieving optimal performance and continuous improvement is essential for maintaining a competitive edge.

As part of the larger SAP HCM ecosystem, SAP Preferred Success offers a comprehensive, proactive support model designed to help organizations maximize the value of their SAP investments.

This article explores the key features and benefits of SAP Preferred Success, highlighting how it provides personalized guidance, real-time insights, and dedicated support to ensure seamless implementation and ongoing optimization of SAP solutions.

What is SAP Preferred Success?

SAP Preferred Success leverages proactive partnerships, personalized guidance, targeted learning programs, service-level agreements, and other insight-driven tools to improve support for customers and align business goals with core product functionality.

Preferred Success for SAP enables organizations to:

  • Leverage personalized partnership initiatives to ensure continued success in the cloud
  • Create insight-driven recommendations based on critical business objectives
  • Access best practices, release guidance, targeted learning, and incident handling functionality
  • Ensure easier user adoption of new innovations to improve the overall user experience
  • Facilitate quicker implementation for boosted productivity, time-to-value, and cost savings
  • Accelerate and amplify the impact of your SAP Cloud solution on core processes
  • Reduce risks and limit concerns associated with product deployment
  • Streamline access to expert guidance to increase overall business benefits

Key Components of the SAP Preferred Success Plan

Here are a few features that help customers accelerate the value of their SAP Cloud investment:

Launch and success check-ins

Access quality reviews, adoption plans, and targeted business case analysis capabilities to ensure successful deployment and facilitate continuous improvement strategies over time.

Release guidance

Create tailored release plans to improve release preparation timelines, accelerate user adoption for new features, and stay up-to-date with critical system upgrades.

Customer success specialists

Interact with SAP subject matter experts to navigate complex system challenges, understand key business objectives, and deliver better business outcomes.

Advanced target SLAs

Leverage intelligent resolution targets for non-defect issues to improve customer support and facilitate quicker responses to incidents.

Customized learning programs

Utilize relevant best practices and training resources to stay up-to-date with current system capabilities and maximize your overall technology investment.

Benefits for SAP Customers

Here’s a closer look at a few key benefits of the Preferred Success platform for SAP users:

Advanced support

By combining built-in standardized services and advanced support tools, SAP Preferred Success gives users greater access to SAP-certified experts, thus expanding the scope of their support options and improving overall process efficiency.

Subscription options

SAP Preferred Success offers cost-effective subscription models that allow users to access support resources with no additional statements of work or purchase orders when an urgent need arises.

Extensive support

Extensive editions of SAP Preferred Success are available for select SAP Cloud ERP products, including SAP Sales Cloud, SAP Service Cloud, RISE with SAP, and more.

Enhanced services

With enhanced services, feature adoption assistance, prescriptive solution reviews, and other intelligent support tools, SAP Preferred Success ensures companies are making the most of their SAP investment.

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