Navigating the ever-evolving landscape of SAP products and solutions can often feel like you’re taking one step forward and two steps back every time you try to implement a new product release or navigate a specific version upgrade.

You might ponder questions like, “What’s the quickest route to the latest innovations?” or “How do I avoid getting lost in the world of technical SAP jargon?” This is where intelligent functionality in the SAP Road Map Explorer and Viewer tools comes to the rescue.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the core components and capabilities of the SAP Roadmap Explorer, how it can help users extend and update their existing implementation roadmap to align with the latest scope and processes, and where our expert SAP consultant team can come in to help.

What is the SAP Road Map Explorer?

The SAP Roadmap Explorer is an intelligent tool designed to help SAP customers and partners access and use SAP product roadmaps more efficiently, offering greater visibility into future innovations, features, and updates for new and existing SAP solutions.

With intelligent SAP roadmap functionality, business users can:

  • Create visual representations for planned development and release schedules for SAP products
  • Customize roadmap views to focus on specific products or areas of the organization
  • Apply filters to narrow or expand your search and find details about specific SAP products
  • Build integrations with SAP’s in-built support and maintenance systems for improved product lifecycle management
  • Leverage intelligent collaboration features to share roadmaps, ask questions, and explore the capabilities of the latest updates across companies and industries

Understanding the New Generation of SAP Road Maps

Here are a few key features of the SAP Road Map Explorer tool for users:

Creating your own roadmap

With customizable filters and interactive tools, companies can access current and future innovations and product features, tailor their own roadmap to meet unique business needs, and filter innovations from SAP products, business processes, and industries.

Users can also utilize filters to expand or narrow road map searches and focus on specific topics, like Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Collaborating with the SAP Community

Users can leverage the “Save and Share” and “My Road Maps” features to view and share saved road maps and innovations and download them to view on their desktop, even when they’re working offline.

Improving decision-making

By leveraging a comprehensive Roadmap Viewer, customers can gain a more comprehensive view of each innovation, making it easier for companies to involve all key stakeholders in conversations and improve decision-making across teams.

Planned innovations offer overview and benefits sections, while delivered innovations provide additional information like product features or predefined technical views to improve transparency and generate greater insights into each road map or innovation.

How to Use the SAP Roadmap Explorer in 5 Steps

To access the SAP Road Map Explorer, users will first either create an account or login by entering their S-user credentials, and then follow the steps below:

1) Search for the topic.

There are four main approaches users can leverage to view road maps in their SAP system:

  • Browse the toolbar at the top of the page to find a specific industry, product, or busines process
  • Leverage the “Explore SAP Road Maps” tab to find the right road map for your business needs
  • Utilize the search bar to find the information, tasks, and other resources for each critical topic
  • Click “Most Viewed Road Maps” to access an overview of each most popular road map and topic

2) Use filters to customize results.

In the top right corner of the Kanban board, there are five categories for users to choose from:

  • Products
  • Processes
  • Industries
  • Focus topics
  • Suite qualities

Filters will only appear if there are available innovations, and numbers on the right side of each filter will indicate how many innovations are available for the chosen filter.

3) Explore innovations.

The Kanban board provides an overview of all the innovations and product features available for each road map. Users can expand innovation cards to view innovation descriptions and benefits and access technical views for specific features for planned innovations.

4) Collaborate with colleagues and partners.

Once users save each innovation or road map, they can utilize the “My Road Maps” tab to view their saved road maps and share the link with business partners and other key stakeholders.

5) Save and download roadmaps.

The “My Road Maps” and “Innovation List” tabs make it easier for users to find, view, and save road maps related to previously selected filters.

Users can also leverage the “Download” button to automatically generate a Microsoft Excel file with all innovations and deliverables aligned with the selected road map.

How Can We Help?

Whether you need help implementing new SAP S/4HANA products in your existing landscape, additional support navigating the phases of building and delivering new SAP road maps, or just an extra hand understanding where SAP Activate methodology can fit in your road maps, Surety Systems can help.

Our senior-level, US-based SAP consultant team has the knowledge, skills, and experience needed to handle all your SAP project needs and help you maximize your overall investment.

Getting Started with Our Team

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