Ready to get your UKG Pro solutions up and running, but aren’t sure how to do so efficiently and effectively on your own?

UKG Launch can help you!

Read on to learn more about UKG Launch and where our UKG consultants can come in to help manage your implementation or integration projects and lead you to success.

What is UKG Launch?

UKG Launch (formerly known as UltiPro Launch) provides optimal functionality for going live with UKG Pro (formerly known as UltiPro). This solution is intuitive, customizable, and designed to ensure your team has access to the insights you need to bring your UKG solutions to life. The UKG Launch solution requires minimal effort from you and your team to achieve success, making it easier than ever to launch new applications or functionality within your existing UKG landscape.

This highly collaborative experience allows teams across industries to spend more time focusing on the business value of the solution, and less time dealing with the ins and outs of app configuration or system setup tasks.

Overview of UKG Launch

Here’s a quick overview of the key features included in UKG’s Launch tool:

Quality Data Transformations

This UKG system simplifies data extraction and conversion processes, giving you instant access to accurate and up-to-date information. The data import format is flexible and leverages operational reports rather than vendor exit files, making it easier to identify discrepancies and promote proactive responses. This gives users time to resolve any issues before they become major roadblocks, allowing you to go live as soon as possible.

Smooth Launch Experience

UKG Launch gives users guided instructions for setup to facilitate more efficient implementations and integrations across the board. The launch process is managed from a single location and requires minimal manual effort from employees, reducing the risk for error and improving efficiencies in the process. 

So, rather than spending hours handling issues or completing tedious manual steps, users can engage in personalized discussions with UKG Pro experts to optimize system setup processes and maximize their overall UKG investment.

Complete Visibility

The UKG Launch dashboard gives total visibility into the deployment of UKG Pro applications, allowing for a more hands-on experience and offering a single place to collaborate with solution experts on project-specific problems. 

Key Features

Let’s take a closer look at a few of the main features of the UKG Launch solution for your organization:

  • Seamless data collection and migration
  • In-depth comparison of  legacy system pay to UKG Pro Pay
  • Efficient onboarding task management
  • Intuitive project dashboards and step-by-step setup
  • Automated data validation and balancing

Phases of UKG Launch

Here are the five phases of UKG Launch:

  1. Welcome: Create a productive start by addressing all of the preparation steps
  2. Requirements: Identify project goals and criteria for a successful launch
  3. Build: Manage system configuration and data conversion to meet setup requirements
  4. Test: Test before readiness sign off
  5. Go live: Leverage additional support and training resources to keep the system up-and-running after Go-Live

How We Can Help

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From employee scheduling to time and attendance, HR and payroll implementation, and more, our senior-level UKG consultants are here to help. Our team of expert UKG consultants has the skills and experience needed to help your company successfully implement any UKG system and offer support wherever and whenever you need it.

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