To help simplify the complexity of modern healthcare IT, many organizations are implementing Infor Cloverleaf Integration Suite. Cloverleaf acts as a hub where all of your disparate systems can communicate, enabling interoperability and integration across all your systems. 

In fact, we recently helped a large hospital system upgrade their Cloverleaf setup to improve their business operations, and we completed said upgrade during a global pandemic that forced everyone to work remotely. Here’s how we made it happen, as well as the benefits our client is still experiencing with their Cloverleaf system today. 

Project Overview and Challenges 

Our client (a large healthcare system in a major US city) needed to upgrade Cloverleaf as part of a multiple system upgrade. Their biggest challenge was the loss of upper management and senior-level developers right before the upgrade. Knowing that a project like this one would require Cloverleaf expertise, the healthcare organization brought in our consultant to serve in the senior leadership role for the project. Everything went smoothly on-site with the initial phase of the upgrade and then…COVID-19 happened.

Lockdowns forced everyone—including our consultant—to work remotely from home. Luckily, a lot of connectivity had already been set up before the work-from-home mandates, making it easier to do the upgrade remotely. But that’s not out of the ordinary for Cloverleaf—the software is set up in such a way that it can handle remote upgrades from start to finish. That built-in flexibility came in handy when we faced such a severe (and unprecedented) disruption.  

Project Outcomes and Benefits

Despite the challenges working during a global pandemic entails, the upgrade was successful. In fact, our consultant is still on board, helping to build interfaces, train employees, and act as the senior-level system administrator. 

Here are just a few of the benefits our client experienced while working with us: 

Cloverleaf Experience

Cloverleaf is a powerful, highly customizable solution that requires administrators with specialized skills, but with a shortage of Cloverleaf experts in the industry, our client had been struggling to hire a senior-level Cloverleaf employee for several years. That’s where Surety Systems came in.

Our consultant was able to bring 20+ years of Cloverleaf experience to the company on Day One and provide clear, concise communications that everyone on the team could understand and rely on throughout the project. 

And, as is often the case, the client developed a comfort level and trust in our consultant, which meant they wanted to keep him on project until they’re fully trained and staffed to do the work in-house. 

A Fresh Set of Eyes

How many times have we all heard, “But we’ve always done it this way,”? It happens. People can easily fall into a rut—no matter what they’re working on. One advantage a third-party consultant can bring to any type of project is a fresh set of eyes to help widen the vision of what’s possible.

In this instance, our consultant was able to help the client not only improve their system but their business outcomes as a whole. It’s a wonder what an outside perspective can bring. 

Improve Day-to-day Operations 

When you’re busy fighting fires all day, it’s difficult to innovate or even make real progress with your core tasks. In this client’s case, the fire they were fighting was a backlog of 150 tickets that had been around for about five years. Today, they’re down to a handful of tickets. 

By having our consultant come in and tackle the metaphorical gunk in their gears, their team now has the bandwidth to focus on more strategic work. 

Why Partner with a Cloverleaf Consultant?

Despite the lack of expertise on staff and lockdowns from a global pandemic, our consultant was able to help successfully upgrade the Cloverleaf solution for this hospital system. Their senior-level expertise provided a fresh perspective to help improve the overall system. Plus, their tailored training to the team on their own solution will ensure long-term success. 

Interested in our consultant’s advice and best practices for upgrading Cloverleaf? Have we got the article for you—”Best Practices for Upgrading Infor Cloverleaf.” And if you’re ready to start improving your healthcare system integrations and interoperability, contact our senior-level healthcare IT consulting team today.