UKG Timekeeping solutions offer businesses an easy and efficient way to manage their employee time tracking needs.

With its intuitive, easy-to-use interface, UKG makes it easy for employees to stay up-to-date with important employee information, request time off, check time entries, manage schedules, and more.

Read on to learn more about UKG’s timekeeping solutions, as well as how our consultants can help you get the most out of your technological investment.

What is UKG Dimensions?

UKG Dimensions is a dynamic workforce management solution that provides tools to help companies improve the efficiency, accuracy, and productivity of their systems, processes, and internal teams.

With the Dimensions solutions, companies can not only empower their employees to perform better and stay more productive, but they can also go beyond the capabilities of traditional workforce management systems with seamless integrations, industry-specific functionality, intelligent recommendations, and more.

UKG Dimensions offers workforce solutions in a few key areas:

  • Time and attendance for hourly and salaried employees
  • Scheduling and shift visibility
  • Government and industry compliance
  • Workforce community connection and collaboration
  • Analytics, reports, dashboards, and insights

With a comprehensive suite of features, UKG Dimensions makes it simple to track hours worked, calculate pay rates, process payrolls and more. The system also offers advanced analytics tools that can be used to identify trends in staff working patterns or evaluate the success of new policies.

By providing robust timekeeping solutions with real-time data access, UKG Dimensions helps businesses stay competitive while ensuring compliance with labor laws and regulations. With its intuitive user interface and powerful reporting capabilities, UKG Dimensions is the ideal solution for any business looking to streamline their time tracking processes.

Key UKG Timekeeping Solutions

UKG’s all-inclusive time tracking solutions provide the functionality and flexibility needed for employees to clock in and out for shifts, process payroll, manage schedules and attendance, and update shifts and time-off requests in a single system.

With UKG, companies are enabled to increase productivity within their technology and among employees, reduce overall costs for payroll processing, and offer convenient access to time clocks and important timekeeping information whether employees are in the office or on-the-go.

The main time tracking solutions offered by UKG include…

UKG Ready Mobile App

Whether you’re in the office, at home, or on-the-go, UKG makes tracking your time, managing schedules, and submitting time-off requests easier through its pre-built mobile device functionality.

The UKG mobile app caters to the needs of remote or hybrid business models by offering the same level of system functionality regardless of where an employee is at any given time.

Kronos simplifies timekeeping so employees can manage time their more efficiently, keep up with change in the industry, maintain accurate records throughout the pay period, and consistently meet the needs of both the employees and the organization as a whole.

Kronos InTouch

The InTouch solution allows users to leverage personalized features, a touch-free ID system, and other intelligent business software to submit, manage, and monitor time entries more accurately and efficiently.

InTouch offers a TouchFree ID dual camera that allows employees to clock in and out of shifts without ever touching a screen. This ID system, paired with other intelligent interfaces and software, enables employees to not only improve the productivity and effectiveness of their time tracking system, but also enhance the employee experience with quicker and simpler timekeeping processes.

With its customizable features, Kronos InTouch not only makes it easy to accurately track hours worked, calculate pay rates, and process payrolls, but also offers advanced analytics tools that help organizations gain deeper insights into staff working patterns and the success of new employee policies.

Web-Based Application

While there are now other, more functional timekeeping solutions offered within the UKG ecosystem, the Kronos web-based application is still used in many organizations throughout the country.

The web-based application provides the functionality needed for employees to track time and stay up-to-date with their schedules through a single solution. UKG makes it easy to access, manage, and share important time and attendance information, regardless of the department, business unit, or office location an employee works in.

Main Capabilities of UKG Timekeeping

UKG’s intuitive Dimensions interface provides users with a seamless experience when managing their daily tasks, making it easier for them to focus on the job at hand without worrying about the complexity of managing timecards, handling exemptions, requesting time off, keeping up with schedule changes, and more.

Here are a few main capabilities of UKG Dimensions Timekeeping solutions…

UKG Time and Attendance Tracking

UKG Dimensions provides an all-inclusive timekeeping solution that makes it easier for users to track time and manage attendance for all hourly and salaried employees.

From keeping better track of employee time and attendance to eliminating the need for manual input processes, more efficiently enforcing work and pay rules, managing cost control processes and compliance requirements, and more, UKG’s timekeeping solutions handle it all.

The UKG Dimensions Time and Attendance solution offers greater functionality to not only simplify timekeeping processes, but also improve operational performance with real-time productivity insights and job cost tracking capabilities.

The solution also makes time tracking easy by providing a modern time clock (i.e., InTouch DX) and better data management functionality to improve visibility and proactively manage absences in the workforce.

Improved Operational Insight with UKG Activities

The UKG Activities solution, included in the full suite of UKG Dimensions applications, offers a better way for managers and employees to use organizational data to improve employee productivity, make more-informed decisions, and increase operational performance across the board.

UKG Activities offers comprehensive analytics and reporting capabilities, real-time system updates, and built-in integration tools that not only simplify system visibility and integration functionality, but also help streamline operations by assessing business-critical KPIs and eliminating bottlenecks throughout the system.

Absence Management Solutions

UKG Absence simplifies attendance, leave, and accrual management for employees and managers alike.

With the solution, users can standardize processes for requesting leaves of absence, updating information in real-time, keeping track of leave eligibility, generating leave documentation, and staying up-to-date with leave management processes.

Users also have the ability to automate attendance policies and offer solutions that make accrual information easier to understand. UKG Absence is designed to take care of the tedious processes involved with taking leave and managing accruals so your employees can take the time they need to keep your organization running as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Advantages of the Solution for Your Company

Accurately managing employee time and keeping up with schedule requests is crucial in not only ensuring your workforce is staffed with the best people for the job at hand, but also in maintaining employee productivity and satisfaction.

UKG’s Timekeeping solutions offer a few key benefits for your employees and your organization as a whole…

1) Improved Timekeeping Accuracy

By eliminating manual time tracking processes, users have the ability to log and track time, manage requests, and view schedules more easily and efficiently. With more accurate UKG timecard information and automated timekeeping workflows, employees can rest easy knowing they are accurately compensated for their work hours.

And, an increased amount of time clock options, improved clock functionality, and the ability to clock in and out on your mobile phone make it easier than ever to submit, manage, and monitor key timekeeping information within the UKG system.

2) Increased Productivity

UKG Dimensions allows managers to easily track UKG timesheet entries, set shift reminders and assign tasks directly from the system, resulting in improved efficiency and productivity across departments.

With the ability to automate and streamline manual processes, UKG Dimensions Timekeeping allows users to enhance the productivity of their most important workflows. Personalized dashboards and home screen views and real-time insights through DataViews and reports also further enable complete workforce visibility and give users better data to make more-informed decisions.

3) Streamlined Payroll Processes

With real-time access to employee clock-in/clock-out data, businesses can quickly process payrolls without needing to worry about manually entering data into spreadsheets or databases.

And, with a solution, like UKG Dimensions, that not only keeps payroll information up-to-date at all times, but also stores payroll, compensation, benefits, and other important human resource data in the same place, companies can also reduce risks when it comes to data errors and issues with payroll processing.

4) Advanced Analytics Tools

UKG Dimensions provides advanced reporting capabilities that allow managers to gain valuable insights into staff working patterns or evaluate the effectiveness of new policies over time.

From giving frontline managers quicker, more comprehensive insights into the productivity of their teams to conducting analysis of key people data through advanced analytics reports, setting benchmark goals with performance metrics and KPIs, and more, UKG’s advanced solutions allow you to dig deeper into your data and analyze it the right way.

5) Compliance with Labor Laws & Regulations

The system has been designed with labor law compliance in mind, ensuring that all of your organization’s timekeeping processes adhere to local and federal regulations at all times.

UKG’s Timekeeping solutions not only allow your people to view and manage business-critical data in a single solution, but they also help ensure your organization is enforcing regulatory guidelines properly across the board.

Compliance with WCAG, or Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, also helps to improve usability for employees whose abilities and responsibilities are continuously evolving. UKG understands this, which is why their timekeeping solutions simplify WCAG accessibility and make it easier for companies to remain compliant with local, state, and federal regulations.

6) Reduced Employee Absenteeism

Through its customizable attendance tracking features, UKG Dimensions makes it easy for managers to monitor employee absences closely and take appropriate action when needed – helping businesses stay productive by keeping absenteeism rates low.

UKG’s Timekeeping solutions make it easy for organizations and employees to manage paid time across the board, add notes to timecards to improve the employee experience, and provide a comprehensive audit trail to ensure all schedule changes and absences within the system are accurate and reliable.

Partnering with Experts

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