The goal of efficient onboarding processes is to provide the resources needed for new employees to acclimate to the organization, get more comfortable with their new roles and responsibilities, improve employee engagement, and empower themselves to control their own employee experience and UKG Onboarding knows this…

Read on to learn where UKG Onboarding tools (and our senior-level UKG consultants) provide collaborative technologies that can fit in your organization to improve employee productivity, engagement, and performance from their first day on the job.

Keys to a Successful Onboarding Experience with UKG Pro Onboarding

Here’s a cheat sheet for success with UKG Onboarding:

1) Personal Connection

A successful onboarding experience involves connecting two distinct groups of people in an organization: new hires and the employees and managers involved in their hiring, onboarding, and training processes, UKG onboarding knows this.

The connection between a new employee and the rest of the staff creates a more supportive environment for newly hired candidates. Still, UKG Pro Onboarding provides the tools and resources needed for employees to feel more comfortable in their new role and facilitate better performance from the start of their experience.

2) Company Culture

One of the most important factors in creating a successful onboarding experience for a new employee is fostering a company culture built on a foundation of trust, learning, and support and UKG Pro onboarding helps create this environment. Stronger, more inclusive company cultures can reduce employee turnover, increase productivity, and allow teams to accommodate business growth over time.

3) Better Communication

Communication is important to consider with UKG Pro Onboarding, whether you’re facilitating a better experience for new hires, conducting training sessions for specific job roles and responsibilities, or encouraging new employees to create positive relationships with other employees across different teams and areas of the organization.

What is UKG Pro Onboarding?

The UKG Pro Onboarding integration is a solution designed to help companies deliver a more unique, intuitive onboarding experience for new hires to improve communication and collaboration between employees and create a more engaging and productive experience from the start.

With the UKG Pro Onboarding integration, users are enabled to…

  • Leverage collaborative technologies for more personalized onboarding experiences
  • Connect new hires to the rest of the company and build stronger relationships between members of each team and area of the organization
  • Improve employee engagement and productivity
  • Facilitate better business performance across business units
  • Use its functional workforce management solutions to improve HR effectiveness and drive better business outcomes

Key Features of the UKG Pro Onboarding Environment

Here are a few of the most important components of UKG Pro Onboarding services for organizations in various industries…

People Focused Solutions

UKG Pro Onboarding delivers an onboarding solution designed to focus on “people over processes,” meaning that new hires can create an experience that meets their needs rather than simply checking the onboarding boxes.

With UKG’s people-focused onboarding tools, employees can interact and connect with their new teams before their start date and remove barriers to help them become more engaged, productive, and successful in a shorter time.

Personalized Welcome Content

Every time new employees are added to the organization in UKG Pro Onboarding, they are sent a personalized welcome message and customizable new hire dashboards to display all the tasks, tools, and new hire data needed to complete all the tasks from the start of their employee experience.

Managers and other existing UKG Pro users can also leverage dynamic tools to send their own personalized welcome messages to new employees to help them get acclimated to their new UKG system and organization as a whole and feel like a part of the team, no matter what.

Dynamic Onboarding Tools

The UKG Pro Onboarding solution provides dynamic educational content, including welcome videos, company information, and tutorials, to help new hires understand their new role, comply with onboarding policies and guidelines, and leverage real-time analytics to improve efficiency throughout each step of the onboarding process.

Advantages of the Solution for UKG Pro Customers

Here are some key advantages UKG Pro Onboarding has to offer customers:

For Employees

  • Leverage personalized dashboards to evaluate individual tasks and navigate the next steps in the Ultipro onboarding process
  • Immediately access employee information and collaborate with new colleagues
  • Complete, sign, and review tax forms and policies from any device (i.e., desktop, laptop, mobile device)
  • Establish individual goals throughout onboarding and training processes
  • Collaborate with mentors to enhance the speed and efficiency of onboarding

For Managers

  • Seamlessly access new hire data and evaluate the onboarding process with easy-to-use manager dashboards
  • Personalize dashboards for new hires with a welcome message and other relevant content related to their new roles and responsibilities
  • Create and schedule custom notifications to keep new employees on track and receive email alerts when employees complete assigned tasks
  • Keep employment eligibility up-to-date and in compliance with regulatory guidelines
  • Assign specific employees to mentor and coach new hires through their careers

How Can We Help?

Whether you need help implementing UKG Pro Onboarding solutions for the first time, additional support navigating the integration setup process between UKG Pro Onboarding and other people systems, or anything else related to onboarding in UKG, Surety Systems is here to help.

Our team of senior-level UKG consultants has the skills and experience needed to navigate even your most complex onboarding needs and lead you to success, no matter what.

Getting Started with Us

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