When it comes to maintaining public safety and ensuring citizen safety, public agencies need a solution that makes it easier to manage complex employee scheduling, manage shift changes, and keep positions filled with qualified personnel, no matter what.

Read on to learn more about Kronos TeleStaff, as well as where our team of UKG consultants at Surety Systems can fit in your organization.

What’s Included in UKG TeleStaff?

UKG TeleStaff is a workforce management software solution designed to help public safety organizations conduct complex employee scheduling and simplify the process of finding qualified candidates for open positions.

With TeleStaff software, members of law enforcement, emergency medical services (EMS), and fire personnel teams can take advantage of automation processes to conduct scheduling and shift management operations in a more efficient manner and ensure the right people are in the right place at the right time.

UKG TeleStaff software is easily configurable to meet the unique needs of each team of employees, making it easier to improve operational efficiency, reduce overtime costs, and increase employee satisfaction across business units.

Key Capabilities of the Workforce TeleStaff Solution

1) Automated Scheduling

Public safety agencies and organizations can leverage dynamic, automated scheduling software to create fair and equitable scheduling for employees and improve worker productivity and engagement over time.

With Kronos TeleStaff, your organization can combine actual time, overtime, and vacation assignments in a single solution, making it easier for employees to track time and submit time-off requests and achieve compliance with labor laws and regulations.

2) Unified Platform

It’s no secret that tedious, manual processes and siloed WFM systems typically lead to a reduction in the productivity of your employees and the accuracy of your public safety employee data. Kronos TeleStaff capabilities give agencies the tools needed to simplify complicated people processes and consolidate valuable data in a single platform.

3) Shift Bidding

The UKG TeleStaff Shift Bidding component allows managers to set up fair, well-defined bids for overtime, vacation, and other schedule requests to create balanced scheduling processes, reduce manual administrative workload, and improve organizational efficiencies. With this, employees are given more flexible scheduling options and companies can monitor compliance and control labor costs more effectively.

4) Functional Integrations

Integrations between UKG TeleStaff and UKG Dimensions can provide organizations with a seamless and streamlined WFM solution that allows for real-time communication and ensures employee data and schedules are accurate and up-to-date.

Functional integrations between systems can also help companies improve data accuracy, provide real-time visibility into workforce data, and simplify time and attendance tracking across business units.

5) Employee Self-Service

With UKG Workforce TeleStaff, users can leverage real-time schedules, up-to-date employee data, and employee self-service features to gain better insights into internal scheduling processes and improve access and transparency to shift sign-ups, trades, and time-off requests.

6) Telestaff Workforce Management Integration

UKG Pro Workforce Management accrual balances and UKG Telestaff Cloud scheduling work together as a dynamic integration of Kronos Telestaff.

How Can We Help?

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