Self-service options enable employees to do their best work, give them control over their own experience, and improve overall employee satisfaction.

Read on to learn how the Infor Employee Self-Service solution can help.

What are Self-Service Solutions?

Self-service solutions allow employees and managers to manage resources and access important information without requiring the help of an administrator or service representative.

Employee self-service (ESS) gives employees the tools to access critical human resources (HR) data, update their employee profile, view their Infor Lawson pay stubs, and independently complete other job-related tasks. Manager self-service (MSS) allows managers to access important information and perform tasks that usually require an HR professional to help.

From giving employees the resources needed to keep track of their pay history to allowing managers to monitor any security changes within the system, providing the resources needed for mobile access to important information, and more, employee and manager self-service options help enable and empower your workforce to perform better.

Core Infor Lawson Self-Service Features

By licensing the Employee Self-Service module, Infor users can access key HR information (i.e., personal information, pay stubs, scheduling, time-off requests, etc.) and both HR and job-related tasks within the solution.

Here are a few features and capabilities offered in the Self Service module:

  • Mobile employee and manager self-service user license agreements for secure access
  • Lawson mobile application access for information anytime, anywhere
  • Accurate security changes within your Lawson security profile
  • Configuration of an Application ID and default application theme
  • Additional support for each service product installed across the Lawson technical landscape
  • User account setup and maintenance to ensure proper access and information security
  • Hyperlink menu setup to organize web forms and other self-service-related information (i.e., menu categories, menu category items, menu maintenance, etc.)
  • Custom announcement features to keep employees up-to-date
  • Login assistance (i.e., username changes, password resets, etc.)
  • Valid employee and manager self-service user licenses
  • Access to Mobile Employee Self-Service web forms (i.e., Contact HR, Request Time Off, Performance Review, etc.)

How Can We Help?

Whether you need help configuring your Lawson Mobile Employee application to meet your business needs, additional support outlining a mobile employee reference guide to ensure all users are on the same page, or just an extra hand navigating complex Infor Payroll capabilities, Surety Systems can help.

Our team of senior-level Infor Lawson consultants has the functional skills and technical experience needed to help you configure, navigate, and manage your self-service solutions. And, we’ve also included a snapshot of one of our Lawson consultants to give you a better idea of what to expect when partnering with us.

Surety Senior Infor Lawson Employee Self-Service Consultant

  • 20 Years of functional and technical Lawson experience
  • Strong with S3 and GHR/TM
  • Experience implementing Lawson Mobile Employee Self-Service (ESS) and Manager Self-Service (MSS)
  • Benefits Administration, Absence Mgmt, BN interfaces, and Payroll expertise
  • Spreadsheet Designer and IPA experience
  • Very comfortable working with ACA 

Contact us today to learn more, or get started with one of our top-notch Infor consultants!