When it comes to choosing the right enterprise resource planning (ERP) system for your company’s needs, implementing a new software throughout your organization, or navigating application integrations along the way, you need the right team in place to handle it all with flying colors.

Fortunately for you, this is where an independent ERP software consultant can come in to help…

Read on to learn where independent ERP consultants can fit in your organization and how they can help you make the most of your technological investment.

What is an Independent ERP Consultant?

Independent ERP consultants are brought in to help companies navigate the ins and outs of their ERP project, including additional support for your implementation, integration, and project management needs.

ERP software consultants provide deep knowledge of modern ERP systems and solutions, offer comprehensive insight into your current business processes, outline a feasible plan to address core business objectives across your organization, and serve as an unbiased extension of your internal team.

Let’s take a closer look at a few key responsibilities of these consultants..

Deeper Industry Insight

One of the main roles of an independent ERP consultant is to provide a new perspective outside of your company and internal team. This outside perspective allows consultants to view current business systems in a different way, analyze business processes against industry best practices, and provide unbiased advice to improve process efficiency across the board.

This type of consultant also typically provide experience and expertise that ranges multiple different ERP software solutions and industries to ensure your enterprise technology needs are met and your company is operating as optimally as possible.

Efficient Change Management

It’s no secret that implementing a new ERP solution, integrating already existing systems and applications, conducting software upgrade procedures, or simply bringing in ERP consulting services to help can bring a significant amount of change with it.

But, with the help of an experienced independent ERP consultant, companies can leverage core change management skills to not only improve the acceptance of the new software by internal employees and users, but also ensure user adoption across business units and areas of the organization.

Successful Implementation & Digital Transformation

With the expert guidance and leadership that comes with an experienced ERP consultant, companies have a higher likelihood of success in their implementation projects.

From keeping ERP implementations on time to reducing conflicts between companies and software vendors, ensuring the implementation process stays within scope, leveraging resources correctly and efficiently, and more, independent consultants provide the tools needed for your organization to get the most out of your ERP technology solutions and ensure your digital transformation process goes according to plan.

Improved Knowledge Transfer & Training

Having someone in your corner that understands the complexities of ERP systems and can help align your business operations with industry best practices is important, but what happens if this person doesn’t have the right skill set to teach or train your employees on the system?

Independent consultants are not only well-versed in proven methodology and best practices across industries and ERP solutions, but they also possess the functional skills needed to develop and deliver education, training, and support for end-users to ensure everyone stays on the same page from the software selection phase to deployment, and everything in between.

Specialized Skills & Experience

When it comes to leveraging an expert ERP consultant, you want someone who really knows their stuff, right? Well, luckily for you, independent consultants have the skills, experience, and functional expertise needed to provide specialized support for your individual needs.

An ERP consultant typically offers a wide range of business-critical skills and expertise, including project management, industry-specific experience, and risk-mitigation, that can help your company enable success and reduce risk throughout your implementation, integration, or upgrade projects.

Advantages of Being an Independent Consultant

Tired of putting in long hours at your current job without receiving any extra benefits or payment? Want to be able to create and manage your own schedule to meet your needs each day, week, or month?

If you answered yes to either of those questions, then the independent consultant life might be calling your name…

As an independent ERP consultant, you not only have the ability to make your own schedule according to your needs, make the call on the kind of work or projects you get involved with, and make some extra money through part time or ad-hoc work.

And, even better, independent consultants also get paid for every hour they work, and contractual agreements ensure payments for hours worked are made accurately and on-time. This way, you never have to worry about navigating daily expenses without proper compensation or advocate for better pay for time put in or hours worked.

How Can ERP Consultants Help?

When it comes to choosing a consultant to meet your needs, it’s important to consider the specific ways they can assist your ERP implementation or digital transformation processes, improve time to value, and maximize the success of your ERP projects.

Here are a few key ways independent ERP consultants can enhance your digital strategy and enhance project success across your organization…

Current Process Evaluation

Before making a decision on ERP software or building a plan for ERP implementation or integration, an independent ERP functional consultant can help your organization evaluate the current state of your ERP system and determine core areas of improvement.

ERP Technology Selection

Successful ERP selection begins with understanding the ERP marketplace as a whole and your company’s business transformation needs to ensure whichever ERP technology you choose is suited for your needs and provides the right tools and functionality to enhance business process optimization across the board.

ERP Implementation & System Integration

When it comes to completing implementations and integrations on time and keeping them within budget, having an expert ERP consultant with extensive knowledge and the right industry expertise can help reduce overall risk, drive higher return on investment (ROI), navigate change management procedures, and accelerate time to value

Business Process Improvement

From building an ERP foundation based on a company’s needs to analyzing current business operations, outlining a plan for new enterprise applications, leveraging more efficient digital transformation services, and helping companies understand what’s possible with new ERP systems, ERP consultants not only provide a strong foundation for transformation, but also facilitate business process optimization across an organization.

Realization of Business Value

These consultants help companies better understand where industry best practices, software enhancements, and add-on functionality can fit in their organization to close the core value loop between stakeholders, ensure project success, and maximize the benefits of a new ERP solution.

Advantages of Using Independent Consultants

When it comes to leveraging an ERP consultant to enhance your project teams or act as an extension of your organization, an independent consultant can not only lead you through a complex implementation phase, but they can also provide a more in-depth understanding of your technology and how to make the most out of your solution.

Here are a few main advantages of using independent ERP consultants across your organization…

  • Unbiased advice focused on YOUR needs
  • Control your own client experience by dictating the pace, location, and personnel involved in your projects
  • Enhance communication and collaboration within your internal project team and other key stakeholders
  • Improve internal knowledge transfer and data quality management
  • Client payment for actual hours worked (i.e., no excessive costs or unnecessary expenses)
  • Ability to maintain ongoing one-to-one relationship with consultants (i.e., no risk of future non-compete)

How Can Surety Maximize Your Investment?

Since 2002, Surety Systems has been building strong relationships with top-notch consultants throughout the industry. We know the best people and provide the best-fit consultants to help you fulfill your project needs and make the most of your ERP investment.

For clients, we provide the best intersection between quality and cost efficiency when it comes to bringing the best consultants possible and keeping your project on-time and within budget throughout each phase.

For consultants, we’re connected with the most important movers and shakers in the industry, and, by working with us, you’ll get connected with them too. At Surety, we know people, and you need us to know you too.

Partnering with the Best

With experience in retail, healthcare, professional services, manufacturing industries, and more, our team of senior-level ERP consultants has the technical skills, comprehensive knowledge, and functional expertise needed to lead your company to a successful ERP implementation, no matter what.

Whether you need help fulfilling your ERP project management needs, implementing a completely new UKG system across your organization, navigating the complexities of a switch from Lawson to Workday, upgrading your JD Edwards system to align with business needs, adding new tools to your SAP environment, or anything in between, Surety Systems is here to help.

Getting Started with Us

Unlike other managed services firms or implementation partners, our team doesn’t sell software or earn commissions on the software.

We focus on YOU — Your company. Your technology. Our expertise. That’s the name of the game with our unbiased, U.S. based consulting firm.

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