Enhanced visibility and interoperability across Epic organizations helps healthcare organizations and facilities extend the functionality of their systems to “do more” instead of “view more” and gives them the opportunity to leverage virtual care practices to improve health outcomes for patients across the board.

Read on to learn more about Epic’s Telehealth offerings, as well as where our team of Epic consultants can fit in your organization.

“One Virtual System Worldwide” in Epic

Epic’s One Virtual System Worldwide platform offers a comprehensive electronic health record (EHR) and interoperability network to help Epic organizations in different locations view, manage, and exchange data and interact with each other to better understand the data.

Here are the main components of One Virtual System Worldwide in Epic…

Come Together

The “Come Together” component of Epic’s worldwide healthcare interoperability network provides the resources needed for healthcare organizations around the world to gather patient records and other relevant information together in a single solution.

With this tool, physicians can find patient data more quickly across different teams, departments, and organizations and exchange it in a more efficient way.

Happy Together

“Happy Together” is a component of Epic’s One Virtual System Worldwide designed to present patient data in an easy-to-read format, making it easier for physicians to analyze the data, identifying care gaps, and deliver better care for patients.

This component of the Epic MyChart portal also improves patient access to their own data by providing tools that simplify data management tasks and provide a comprehensive view of their medical records without the need to log in and out of multiple different solutions.

Working Together

The “Working Together” solution provides the functionality needed for patients and providers to take action wherever needed across the organization. There are a few main applications included in this component of the One Virtual System Worldwide platform, including…

  • Images Anywhere: View image thumbnails from other Epic users and click on specific images to retrieve a higher quality image to review.
  • Message Anywhere: Send secure messages to clinicians at different organizations, including referrals that require more dialogue between providers.
  • Book Anywhere: Refer a patient to a different facility in the Epic environment and book an appointment directly into the other system.
  • Telehealth Anywhere: Use self-assessment triage and self-schedule functionality to assess conditions and schedule a video visit or other Telehealth appointment within their organization or another Epic organization.

Epic’s Internal Telehealth Platform

Epic Telehealth is an integrated Telehealth platform designed to enable healthcare providers to offer virtual care services, including video visits, secure messaging, and remote patient monitoring, and other virtual care options, through the Epic EHR system.

Epic Telehealth services aim to provide a seamless experience for patients and providers by…

  • Improving access to care for patients across organizations
  • Offering better support to enhance patient engagement and satisfaction
  • Leveraging advanced technology to increase the efficiency of healthcare delivery
  • Providing follow-up care and additional support resources for patients
  • Managing chronic conditions to ensure better health outcomes in the future

With Epic’s Telehealth solution, patients can connect with their healthcare providers directly through virtual visits and other virtual care technologies, eliminating the need for in-person visits and reducing the risk of exposure to infectious diseases.

Key Capabilities of Telehealth Services in Epic

1) Video Visits

The video visit feature allows healthcare providers to conduct virtual consultations with patients, using live video and audio. Patients can also connect with their doctor through mobile devices, laptops, or computers, making it easier to access care from anywhere.

2) Secure Messaging

This feature allows patients to communicate securely and efficiently with their healthcare providers, enabling them to ask questions, request medication refills, and receive test results remotely. This helps patients stay connected with their providers between appointments to ensure they receive timely care.

3) Remote Patient Monitoring

Patient monitoring capabilities enable providers to track patients’ health status remotely by using wearable sensors, home monitoring systems, and other remote monitoring technology. Providers can monitor patients’ vital signs, medication adherence, and symptoms, allowing them to prevent health complications and intervene quickly if necessary.

Main Advantages for Epic Users

Let’s take a closer look at a few of the key benefits of using Epic’s Telehealth services…

Extend Your Patient Base

One of the leading frustrations throughout the healthcare industry is late or no-show patients as it leads to a loss in valuable time for providers and lost opportunities to secure new patients.

But, with Epic Telehealth, providers can schedule virtual visits, making it easier for patients to added and for providers to reduce the amount of no-shows and increase treatment persistence across the board.

Telehealth services in Epic also simplify scheduling across organizations, allowing physicians to increase the amount of patients they are able to treat and improve appointment efficiency.

Improve Collaboration Across Teams

Whether you work in radiology, cardiology, emergency medicine, or a variety of other specialties across your healthcare organization, Epic Telehealth can help improve and optimize communication between teams and provide a more straightforward approach to patient care.

And, by combining expertise across the board, your organization can increase diagnostic value, improve productivity with better access to people and their data, and facilitate quicker treatment times to benefit patient well-being and reduce overall costs and time commitments over time.

Simplify Follow-Up Procedures

When it comes to conducting follow-up procedures and check-in appointments, requiring patients to come back to the hospital or clinic often results in late arrivals, no-shows, and quite a bit of wasted time for providers.

But, with Epic’s Telehealth opportunities, physicians can set up various virtual care touch points that provide the functionality needed to personalize care procedures, shorten wait times for patients, and improve patient engagement and health outcomes for customers.

Reduce Costs for Everyone

Because Epic Telehealth can operate in a variety of different specialties and disciplines, the solution can help reduce expenses for general practices like front desk support and materials and implementation processes across the organization.

From easy-to-use implementation capabilities to overall cost reduction, financial advantages, and more, Epic’s Telehealth platform is a one-stop-shop for saving money and getting the job done for any healthcare organization or health system.

How Can We Help?

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