Embarking on a migration journey from UKG iSeries (formerly Kronos iSeries) to UKG Pro Workforce Management (formerly UKG Workforce Dimensions) is a strategic decision that holds the promise of unlocking enhanced workforce management capabilities and optimizing HR processes.

However, with the decision to move to a new system come a few critical challenges and things to consider to ensure a seamless transition, including comprehensive data preparation, strategic project planning, testing, user training, and more.

We recently chatted with one of our resident UKG iSeries and UKG Pro Workforce Management experts to get the lowdown on the main differences between each system, key steps in the migration process, and a few ‘can’t miss’ considerations for moving between systems.

Read on to learn more about UKG iSeries and UKG Pro Workforce Management and gain insight into a few tips and tricks from our UKG consultants to ensure a seamless migration for your organization.

Understanding the Key Differences Between the Solutions

As is the case with any different software versions, UKG iSeries and UKG Pro Workforce Management offer different features and requirements for customers, making the migration process a bit tricky at times.

Here are a few critical differences and lessons learned after helping a large medical recovery and rehabilitation organization migrate from UKG iSeries to UKG Pro Workforce Management:

Pay Codes

In iSeries, pay code configurations are done at every configuration point and set up by the configuration point in specific shift differentials, enabling users to access and manage their pay codes every step of the way.

In UKG Pro Workforce Management, all pay codes and configuration points are connected in one location rather than individual points and set up requirements for each pay code, making it a little harder to access critical pay code data directly.

Shift differentials are also created and executed differently between the two solutions, so ensuring all key stakeholders and users understand how they work is critical to the success of their migration project.


Integrations, specifically employee, people, and payroll data integrations, are executed and managed differently in iSeries than in UKG Pro Workforce Management. This is often a major pain point for larger organizations with data stored in multiple systems, locations, or regions.

The UKG Pro Workforce Management solution leverages Cross Reference Tables (CRTs) to ensure all integration phases are completed properly. While the integrations themselves can be complicated, users must also emphasize understanding each CRT, how they are used, and their core benefits in the migration process.

Data Access

UKG iSeries gives users access to critical business data in all formats and empowers them to manipulate it into an Excel spreadsheet, transfer it to a different enterprise system, or essentially do anything else with it.

UKG Pro Workforce Management, on the other hand, provides no direct access to data, making it difficult to use or even access custom reports and other processes that use that data and decreasing productivity across teams.

If employees don’t have access to the data they need or don’t understand how to build or run reports to organize the data they do have, it could lead to bigger issues down the road. 

Payroll Posting

In UKG iSeries, there’s a specified process for payroll posting that includes creating files and reports and building integrations that take the data to the payroll system.

In UKG Pro Workforce Management, there is no interim posting feature, meaning the data from the files and reports moves directly into the payroll system without passing through another checkpoint first.

The iSeries posting process allows customers to compare metrics and reports, balance their data, and ensure the right data gets carried over; however, it does require more manual work than the process in UKG Pro Workforce Management. 

While the automated nature of payroll posting processes in UKG Pro Workforce Management does improve efficiencies, there are no pre or post-report processes that enable users to compare reports and payroll data before and after it’s been integrated into the payroll system. 

Critical Steps in Migrating from iSeries to UKG Pro Workforce Management

The first (and arguably the most important) step involves analyzing existing data in the UKG iSeries system. 

In this step, users should only pull data currently in use, including custom features and reports, and cleanse the necessary data before beginning the migration process. This step also includes detailed documentation for each data point and report to ensure critical information is not lost in translation.

Once the data has been identified and cleansed, the migration process is a simple flow of configurations, testing, training, and Go-Live activities. However, without adequately cleansing and documenting their data before migration, users can make the process much more difficult.

Words of Wisdom from the Experts

Although the switch from UKG iSeries to UKG Pro Workforce Management is considered a migration from one system to the other, it is more like a net new implementation for users. 

There are too many differences between the two system versions to complete just a simple migration process, and users must consider all the steps required to implement a new system before choosing to switch from iSeries to UKG Pro Workforce Management.

Other key considerations for the iSeries to UKG Pro Workforce Management migration process include:

  • Ensure you know what data you have and which processes are currently in place
  • Understand and cleanse the data before moving on to the next phase of the migration 
  • Document and align processes with the data you have in your existing system
  • Bring on specific subject matter experts for each phase of the migration
  • Leverage a variety of subject matter experts to help with each project requirement
  • Ensure the right project expectations are set before the project begins, including project timeline, budget, and proposed Go-Live date

Getting Started with Our Team

When it comes to making the most of your technical investment and ensuring a successful migration from UKG iSeries to UKG Pro Workforce Management to keep up with current workforce trends, organizations need experienced UKG experts on their side.

Whether you work in a large organization with many complex requirements or a smaller company with seemingly simple business processes, Surety Systems has just the right UKG consultant to help plan, execute, and monitor your migration process and ensure continued success in the long run.

Our senior-level UKG consultant team has the knowledge, skills, and experience to handle all your project needs, ensure critical migration requirements are met, and conduct assessments after the move to keep your system running in tip-top shape.

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In today’s modern UKG ecosystem, iSeries experience and expertise are very hard to find, as most organizations have already moved off or switched to a new solution, and consultants have moved on to bigger and better things. 

With our UKG consulting team, you’ll get to work with the most knowledgeable iSeries consultants on the market and get firsthand guidance from iSeries consultants with extensive experience in every aspect of the software.

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