What is ERP?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software or programs are tools that automate routine tasks, simplify business processes, and centralize an organization’s informational databases. With ERP solutions, an organization can streamline day-to-day functions and free up time to work on more pressing matters. In short, ERP solutions help organizations run more efficiently and improve communication across all channels across an organization. Time spent more wisely could lead to an increase in revenue and other benefits.

What Is ERP Consulting?

The purpose of ERP consulting is to help organizations of all sizes establish Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). ERP consultants help companies with resource planning and management of ERP systems. The ERP consultant’s goal is to ensure that the organization’s software is working as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Larger organizations and companies require heavier lifting on behalf of the ERP consultant. Compared to smaller companies, these organizations have a high number of daily tasks to plan for. Larger organizations will eventually need to implement a system that handles and organizes their daily tasks in a way that allows them to efficiently use their time. ERP consultants tailor and customize ERP software to enable businesses to run smoothly.

How to Implement an ERP System

Every organization is different, but generally, ERP implementations consist of the following steps.

  1. Discovery and Analysis
  2. Configuration and Customization
  3. Customer Testing
  4. Training
  5. Launch and Maintenance

Discovery and Analysis

In most ERP implementation plans, discovery and analysis is the first step. This step allows the ERP integration expert to see the big picture for your organization. The ERP integrator will perform a thorough analysis of your business to understand challenges, opportunities, and areas for improvement. The research that takes place during this phase informs your company’s future ERP solution and best practices.

Configuration and Customization

After performing a thorough analysis of your business, the ERP integration expert will make modifications to your software configurations based on the needs of your organization. In this stage, an ERP integrator might perform data migration and create special applications to help your business run smoothly.

Customer Testing

Once the software is modified and optimized for your organization’s needs, the ERP integration expert will work with users to iron out any bugs and ensure that the ERP system meets the business’ requirements.


Before the ERP system is launched across the organization, everyone must be trained on the potential new tools and software. In many instances, employee training is overlooked or hands-off, which can lead to problems in the future.

Launch and Maintenance

Once the ERP software has been thoroughly tested and all employees have been trained on the new systems, the ERP integrator can launch the ERP solution company-wide. Following launch, many ERP integration experts, like Surety Systems, will continue to provide daily support and maintenance for your organization to ensure things keep running without a hitch.

The Benefits of ERP Consulting

For many businesses, enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions are a tremendous help. ERP gives organizations an edge by running their everyday processes more efficiently, automating functions, creating easy-to-read reports with actionable insights, and protecting their sensitive information all in one place. ERP solutions feature an extensive suite of solutions that make organizations more secure, efficient, and better at communicating.

Potential benefits of ERP programs include:

  • Cutting down costs
  • Improving efficiency
  • Strengthening customer relationships
  • Ensuring data security and quality
  • Fostering a more collaborative environment
  • Automating supply chain management
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance

What ERP Consulting Services Does Surety Systems Offer?

Surety Systems has extensive experience in ERP consulting and implementation. Our ERP experts have extensive knowledge of many different platforms and can help you find one that’s right for your business. Learn more about what the consultants at Surety Systems can do for you below.

Infor Lawson

Infor Lawson is a robust, agile platform that integrates seamlessly into your enterprise. Infor Lawson’s dedicated focus on industry-specific software can help your organization deliver industry-specific feature sets, business processes, reports, and more. Infor Lawson is a complex ERP system that can provide tremendous financial value to many organizations, but many lack the expertise to implement it. Thankfully, Surety Systems has years of experience to help customers just like you get the most out of their software.


Surety Systems doesn’t carry a “traditional” bench like other Workday consulting firms. This means our consultants will be aligned with your project based on our team’s specialized expertise, not our bottom line. Our Workday consulting services include implementation support, project management, and ERP-to-Workday migration.


Whether you need specialized functional expertise or just a knowledgeable ABAP developer to serve as an extra set of hands to help you power through your next project, we’ve got an SAP consultant who can help. From SAP Vertex integration to S/4HANA configuration, and everything in between, we have the expertise and knowledge to provide you with top-tier SAP consulting.

How to Choose An ERP Consultant? 

Finding the right ERP consultant for your organization depends on a number of factors. When looking into different consultants and implementation professionals, keep the following points in mind.

1. Your organization’s ERP project requirements.

2. Which ERP software has the features your organization needs.

3. The ERP software that the consultant specializes in.

4. The consultant’s official partnership status with the ERP software you wish to use.

5. The consultant’s experience and references.

Keeping these points in mind will help you tremendously when seeking an ERP consultant for your organization. If an ERP consultant does not have the expertise required to deploy your desired ERP software, then it’s safe to say they aren’t a right fit for your company. An ERP integration expert must be able to carry out every step of the implementation process, including analysis, installing, configuring, and training. 

Why Choose Surety Systems as an ERP Consultant?

Surety System has 15 years of experience in ERP consulting services. We’ve worked with numerous different companies to implement a variety of ERP systems. When you’re with us, you can count on us to meet your business’ objectives and deploy an ERP solution that helps your organization run efficiently and effectively. Learn about some of the ways Surety Systems can benefit your organization below.

Blended Workforce

By mixing your internal knowledge with our external expertise you get the best of both worlds; a rock-steady foundation with hyper-specialized ERP consulting services when you need them, and no extra overhead when you don’t.

Years of Expertise

Our extensive network of senior-level ERP consultants means that we have the exact skill set and experience you need to crush your next project and achieve your goals.

Unbiased Approach

Skip the license pitch, the upsells, and the push to upgrade or migrate. That’s not what we’re here for. Team up with unbiased ERP consulting service providers who can help you leverage the ERP system you already own.

 Are you ready to get started with our ERP consulting services? Contact us to learn more!