Epic Smartlink codes use dynamic code to enable certain characters to be exchanged for information pulled from a patient’s health record, saving users valuable time when it comes to manually writing notes and sharing information between different Epic applications.

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What is Epic Smartlink?

Smartlinks are some of the most versatile tools within the Epic system, allowing users to insert patient data into individual notes, configure SmartText for reports and instructions, swap specific characters for important patient information within their own electronic heath record (EHR), and quickly write notes by pulling important information directly into your documentation.

Epic Smartlinks can be nested within both the SmartText and SmartPhrase solutions in Epic, and they enable customers to…

  • Display a different message or text based on the evaluation of outlined criteria
  • Swap characters for dynamic data pulled from patient charts and health records (for example, “.lname” followed by a space or return will be replaced with the patient’s last name)
  • Add characters to Epic Smart Phrases (also known as “Dot Phrases”) and Smart Texts by placing them between “@” symbols (i.e., “@LNAME@” to insert names directly into individual user’s notes)
  • Find Smartlinks that meet your specific search or swap needs by typing the “dot” and a few key details of the request
  • Create custom Smartlinks to meet user needs when a pre-existing link doesn’t fit the criteria or meet your exact needs

List of Epic Smartlinks

Here’s a list of a few of the most commonly used Epic Smartlinks…

1) @FNAME@ = Patient’s legal first name

2) @DOB@ = Patient’s date of birth (MM/DD/YEAR)

3) @LOS@ = Patient’s length of stay (in days)

4) @VSRANGES@ = Patient’s vital signs within the last 24 hours

5) @CMED@ = Current list of medications (list view)

6) @PMH@ = Patient’s medical history

Things to Consider When Creating Smartlinks

When creating Smartlinks and integrating them with CER rules, there are a few key considerations to ensure your Smartlink is configured properly and your organization is using them correctly.

Test and Review

Complete extensive testing to ensure all necessary information is pulled and review available contexts of the SmartLinks, SmartTexts, and CER rules you’re using to to make sure they’re configured and used properly.

Check Accessibility

Smartlink issues can affect both the accessibility and functionality of the solution. For example, if a Smartlink is shown with just the “@” symbols and no words in between, there’s an issue with your Epic Smartlinks, and they are most likely not evaluating properly. To fix this, users need to make the Smartlink available to all contexts and check the configuration of their SmartText.

Test Your Rules

Ensuring your CER rules are configurated correctly and evaluating properly is critical to your success. Users can leverage the Rule Tester to check the functionality of their Smartlinks and make sure everything is operating as expected within their Epic system.

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What Are CER Rules?

A CER rule in Epic is a configurable rule logic record that can be evaluated as a TRUE/FALSE statement and can be used across all Epic modules and applications.

Because many applications and tools within the Epic system perform one function or the other based on changing organizational circumstances, custom CER rules can be used to organize and show certain information in columns, outline criteria in the Reporting Workbench, specify and display Rule Error messages, and more.

How Do Smartlinks and CER Rules Work Together?

When a Smartlink is created based on the Rule Error message template, each Smartlink can be configured to show the exact value of the rule’s error message.

With the connection between Smartlinks and CER rules, users can create a Smartlink for whatever rule they want as long as they also create or modify the content to be able to pull, exchange, and save the right information in the right place.

But, how do I access this functionality?

1) Navigate to a new SmartLink editor.

2) Find the correct Smartlink for the Rule Error message.

3) Click “Save As” to create a copy of the message.

4) Enter the correct CER rule as a parameter for the Smartlink.

5) Configure Smartlink settings to ensure user needs are met.

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