Epic Healthy Planet was initially created as an accountable care and population management system module in response to the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Since its initial creation, the Healthy Planet module has evolved to meet the needs of growing patient populations, including more efficient data management, structured risk assessment, improved patient engagement, and more.

Read on to learn more about Epic, as well as how our team of consultants can help you maximize your technological investment.

What is Epic Healthy Planet?

Epic Healthy Planet is a population health tool that helps healthcare systems facilitate better care processes throughout their organization and improve overall population health management both within and outside of Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs).

With the Healthy Planet module, primary care physicians and other medical providers can leverage dashboards, reports, and workflow management tools to not only manage individual patient data more effectively, but also seamlessly integrate clinical information system (CIS) information with health-determinant information within the Epic System.

The integrated tools provided within the Healthy Planet solution enable users to monitor and manage patient care over time, helping them make the best decisions possible, no matter where a patient receives care.

Key Capabilities of the Module

Epic Healthy Planet’s population health tools are designed to address major care gaps throughout organizations, leverage Epic electronic health record (EHR) data reports to optimize healthcare delivery processes, and empower patients to place more of an emphasis on preventive care in their own lives.

Here are a few main capabilities of the solution:

  • Access to chronic disease registries
  • Role-based dashboards for employees
  • MyPanel dashboard for medical providers
  • MyChart integration for home device data collection
  • Access to wellness registries for preventive care
  • Risk scoring and stratification processes
  • Pre-built quality measurement configuration

Main Advantages for Your Organization

Epic Healthy planet offers the functionality needed to not only monitor, manage, and maintain data through a centralized data warehouse, but also provide a more comprehensive view of patient care throughout their organization.

With Epic Healthy planet, healthcare organizations can…

  • Leverage integration tools to coordinate patient care delivery more efficiently throughout the entire organization
  • Accurately monitor quality measures and cost of care
  • Provide more comprehensive care monitoring throughout the entire patient lifecycle
  • Use predictive analytics to provide risk scores and other important factors that determine the type, quality, and timeline of care for patients
  • Summarize and assess care gaps and health progress through point-of-care metrics and stratification of financial and operational risks
  • Combine all necessary and relevant patient information into a single platform to improve the quality of patient care

Partnering with Experts

Whether you need an extra hand implementing a new Epic module into your health system, finding the best way to integrate a patient’s medical history through multiple systems, or leveraging your software to make the most out of your investment, Surety Systems is here to help!

Our team of senior-level Epic consultants has the skills, experience, and technical expertise needed to conquer all of your project needs, no matter how complex.

Your organization. Your needs. Our expertise. That’s the name of the game with us.

Getting Started with Us

Interested in learning more about Epic and how it can benefit your organization? Know you want to implement Epic in your organization, but don’t know where to start? Our expert consultants have you covered.

And, to give you a better idea of what to expect when partnering with us, we’ve included a sample profile of one of our Epic consultants:

Surety Senior Epic Healthy Planet Consultant

  • 10+ years of Epic Analyst and Project Management experience
  • 7+ years of Epic Health Planet consulting experience
  • Provided guidance, build and validation support for multiple Healthy Planet Implementations
  • Epic Clarity and Caboodle reporting expertise
  • Mentored and Trained multiple Healthy Planet analyst 

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