Epic’s newest solution, called Cheers, is a customer relationship management (CRM) solution that gives organizations the power to deliver personalized, memorable experiences for their patients.

With its powerful marketing automation tools and personalization features, Epic Cheers enables organizations to engage with patients in a meaningful way, while also gaining valuable insights into patient behavior and centralizing communication across the organization.

Read on to learn how Epic CRM allows health systems to track performance metrics, leverage actionable insights to stay ahead of changing needs, and build stronger patient relationships.

What Does CRM Stand For in Epic?

CRM refers to customer relationship management practices intended to improve patient experiences and patient loyalty.

Epic’s customer relationship management system helps organizations keep up with the changing needs of healthcare consumerism, improve patient engagement, and provide a better consumer experience for Epic users, healthcare providers, and patients alike.

Epic’s Comprehensive CRM Module

Cheers is Epic’s healthcare CRM system built to help medical providers and other staff members improve the functionality and efficiency of their health system while also improving patient engagement and ownership throughout the entire patient care cycle. The Epic Cheers module enables companies to create automated campaigns and activities that are tailored to each individual patient, ultimately resulting in improved customer service and loyalty.

With Epic Cheers, healthcare organizations can:

  • Proactively monitor patient sentiment and analyze real-time feedback to identify and solve issues before they become major problems and improve the patient experience.
  • Customize patient outreach materials (i.e., emails, webpages, etc.) and segment audiences based on preferences, interests, and relevance.
  • Leverage integrations with external systems to merge data from multiple sources and store it in a centralized place.
  • Automate tedious manual processes to save time and increase value for patients.
  • Use advanced technology to close care gaps, improve outcomes for established patients and prospective patients, and create a greater sense of patient loyalty.
  • Enable more data elements (i.e., demographic procedures, cancer screening opportunities, lab results, etc.) to understand a patient’s full history more adequately.

By leveraging its wide range of features like powerful automation tools and actionable insights derived from patient feedback, health systems can more proactively meet changing needs and ensure satisfaction across the board, and everyone involved in a patient’s health journey can benefit from increased patient engagement and collaboration among groups.

With Epic Cheers CRM, businesses can take advantage of these tools in order build strong relationships with their customers while increasing brand loyalty overall.

Key Capabilities of Epic CRM

  • Create automated campaigns and activities tailored to each individual customer
  • Integrate with external services such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics
  • Automate tasks related to customer support or sales activities
  • Track various performance metrics over time to measure campaign effectiveness
  • Gain valuable insights into customer behavior for proactive problem solving
  • Ensure all patient interactions are handled quickly & efficiently
  • Build strong relationships & increase brand loyalty overall
  • Leverage structured call centers to answer health questions, help patients schedule appointments, monitor hospital admission, and keep better track of callers medical histories

An Added Bonus with Epic Call Centers

Many CRM platforms automate tasks concerned with patient engagement and outreach, but when it comes to answering questions and interacting with patients in real time, they often fall short. But, unlike the others, Epic Cheers helps create, monitor, and optimize call centers to provide an even better experience for patients.

Cheers provides the functionality needed to allow healthcare organizations to leverage structured call centers to answer health questions, schedule appointments, monitor hospital admission, and keep better track of callers medical histories. With outdated methods of patient outreach, staff members could make a million calls in a day with very little impact, but with Epic call center’s existence, they are able to reach out to more patients while still maintaining a high level of personalization and engagement with patients.

And, Epic’s CRM solution can also easily connect to a healthcare providers’ phone systems to automate communication and collaboration between patients, systems, and areas of the organization and further improve the patient experience.

Partnering with Epic Experts

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