On one hand, Epic Compass Rose allows organizations to combine social and health-related insights in a comprehensive, patient-centered record to improve interoperability and improve patient engagement and satisfaction.

On the other, Epic Healthy Planet offers population health management tools to accurately monitor the quality and cost of care and coordinate care more efficiently across your organization.

Read on to learn more about each solution, as well as how our team of Epic consultants can help integrate the applications to help your organization get the most out of your Epic investment.

What is the Epic Compass Rose Module?

Epic Compass Rose is a comprehensive care coordination application designed as an extension of Epic Healthy Planet to increase care coordination across all areas of a hospital or health system and improve the overall quality of patient care.

Epic Compass Rose combines functionality from Epic Healthy Planet, Social Care, and Coordinated Care Management under one umbrella to facilitate better management of patient information and improve the patient experience.

The Compass Rose module enables users to…

  • Conduct Epic social determinants of health screening and outline in patient records
  • Assess patient social determinants of health (SODH) data to help providers make referrals for social services
  • Leverage comprehensive software to manage and track patient outcomes
  • Enroll patients in community-based programs

This Epic care management module is also based on the eight standard domains by the National Academy of Medicine intended to improve interoperability and consistency within the industry. The module not only emphasizes patient centered care throughout healthcare organizations, but also improves the continuity of care throughout a patient’s entire care lifecycle.

What is Epic Healthy Planet?

Epic Healthy Planet is a population health tool that helps healthcare systems facilitate better care processes throughout their organization and improve overall population health management both within and outside of Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs).

With the Healthy Planet module, primary care physicians and other medical providers can leverage dashboards, reports, and workflow management tools to not only manage individual patient data more effectively, but also seamlessly integrate clinical information system (CIS) information with health-determinant information within the Epic System.

The integrated tools provided within the Healthy Planet solution enable users to monitor and manage patient care over time, helping them make the best decisions possible, no matter where a patient receives care.

Main Advantages for Your Organization

Epic Healthy planet offers the functionality needed to not only monitor, manage, and maintain data through a centralized data warehouse, but also provide a more comprehensive view of patient care throughout their organization.

With Epic Healthy Planet, healthcare organizations can…

  • Leverage integration tools to coordinate patient care delivery more efficiently throughout the entire organization
  • Accurately monitor quality measures and cost of care
  • Provide more comprehensive care monitoring throughout the entire patient lifecycle
  • Use predictive analytics to provide risk scores and other important factors that determine the type, quality, and timeline of care for patients
  • Summarize and assess care gaps and health progress through point-of-care metrics and stratification of financial and operational risks
  • Combine all necessary and relevant patient information into a single platform to improve the quality of patient care

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What is the Epic Healthy Planet Link Solution?

Healthy Planet Link (HPL) is Epic’s solution designed to monitor and maintain population health and provide care management tools for organizations that do not use the same EHR platform across their network.

With Epic HPL, referring physicians, referred physicians, and other support staff are given the tools and resources needed to…

  • Review clinical and administrative information for shared patients
  • Send messages to a patient’s care teams in real time
  • Identify gaps in patient care and outline resolutions for each gap
  • Monitor care plans and increase care coordination for patient teams
  • Use custom dashboards to improve patient data management and and facilitate communication between clinicians
  • Leverage Epic’s reporting tool, Slicer Dicer, to customize data exploration across larger patient populations

How Can Epic Healthy Planet Link Help?

Healthy Planet Link is Epic’s web-based portal for community-based organizations, and, with Compass Rose, providers can access medical information about unhoused patients, including vital signs and lab results, anytime they need it via desktop or mobile devices.

With a solution like Compass Rose, healthcare organizations can leverage social care and population health programs to identify target populations and provide the functionality needed to address key SDOHs and improve health equity across the board.

The collaboration between Compass Rose and Healthy Planet Link not only provides connections between patients and local programs, but also helps companies meet organizational care management requirements, strengthening the circle of care between patients and providers, and meet the needs of individual patients and the community as a whole.

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