In an era where counterfeit drugs pose significant risks to the safety of patients and pharmaceutical company reputations, ensuring the integrity and traceability of pharmaceutical products has made its way to the top of the priority list…

This is where SAP ATTP (Advanced Track and Trace for Pharmaceuticals) comes in to help.

With its robust, agile capabilities, SAP ATTP provides a comprehensive platform for product serialization, aggregation, master data management, regulatory compliance, track and trace visibility, reporting, integration, and more.

This article will take a deeper dive into the SAP Advanced Track and Trace Pharmaceuticals solution and its key components and capabilities, as well as where our SAP consultant team can come in to help you make the most of your investments.

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What is ATTP in SAP?

SAP Advanced Track and Trace for Pharmaceuticals (ATTP) is a solution designed to help companies across the pharmaceutical industry fight counterfeit medications, maintain compliance with serialization data directives, and meet region and country-specific business requirements. By ICH rules and relevant regulations, it’s developed and built to handle the expected data volumes, data queries, and regulatory reporting requirements.

With ATTP software, organizations of all sizes and complexities can manage pharmaceutical data more efficiently, improving serial number provisioning for contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs) and ensuring better safety for patients over time.

Key Components of SAP Advanced Track and Trace

Let’s take a closer look at a few of the key components of SAP Advanced Track and Trace…

1) Event and Object Repository

With a corporate serialization repository, SAP ATTP makes it easier for organizations to collect, manage, and store large volumes of data, including objects, events, and business transactions, in a single platform.

This way, supply chain partners can ensure their institutional databases and core data management capabilities can handle the amount of data required to complete tasks and maintain patient safety across the board.

The SAP Advanced Track and Trace solution also allows companies to run as-needed reports on their data to analyze and manage their transactional and serialization data more efficiently.

2) Serial Number Management

Serial number management capabilities in SAP ATTP simplify serialization processes across organizations, allowing users to track serial numbers and their specific aggregations more efficiently and effectively.

Advanced pharmaceutical track and trace software, like SAP ATTP batch integration and serialization, also provides the functionality needed for companies to manage both sequential ranges of serial numbers and randomized serial number lists to achieve compliance and meet business requirements.

3) Master Data Management

SAP Advanced Track and Trace for Pharmaceuticals includes a master data management component that stores and manages all relevant data related to pharmaceutical products, packaging materials, partners, and locations to keep everyone on the same page across the entire organization.

This way, companies can ensure their most important master and transactional data is accurate and up-to-date to improve and enhance serialization and traceability operations.

4) Reporting and Analytics

The SAP ATTP solution offers advanced reporting and analytics capabilities to help companies gain better insights into their supply chain operations and improve productivity across teams.

It provides dashboards, key performance indicators (KPIs), and other analytics tools to monitor and analyze transactional data related to serialization, traceability, and compliance.

5) Data Integration

SAP ATTP can integrate with other systems, including enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, warehouse management systems (WMS), and external track and trace networks, to improve collaboration and connectivity across supply chains and systems.

With ATTP transactional data integration capabilities, companies can facilitate seamless data exchange, making it easier to achieve end-to-end visibility and traceability and manage large data volumes more efficiently within their core SAP software solutions.

Main Advantages of ATTP for Pharmaceutical Companies

Here are a few key advantages of the SAP ATTP solution for pharmaceutical companies…

Reduced Costs

With automated data query, drug serialization, reporting, and labeling functions, companies can complete transactions and manage data more efficiently to reduce costs associated with compliance and other business requirements.

Better Serialization Management

SAP ATTP provides flexible serialization management tools that empower companies to track their important regulatory and serialization data better and ensure proper labeling and packaging lines to maintain patient safety and facilitate better supply chain management.

Improved Compliance Reporting

With a well-defined SAP ATTP architecture and regulatory reporting capabilities, companies can adjust their compliance reporting functions to meet each country’s track and trace laws and report data to the associated government agency once the serial number is downloaded to the SAP system.

Increased Efficiency

Track and Trace pharma SAP solutions allow SAP users to improve overall efficiency through better operational visibility, more efficient material movements, and advanced scalability features to keep up with new legislation and changing business needs.

Reliable Verification

With SAP ATTP, pharmaceutical companies can compare specific serial numbers with ranges and rules for the associated pharmaceutical manufacturers to improve the authenticity, ownership, and control of medications across the supply chain.

How Can We Help?

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