In the fast-paced logistics and inventory management world, real-time visibility and responsiveness are crucial for maintaining operational efficiency and ensuring customer needs are met.

Infor Mobile Supply Chain Management (MSCM) offers a powerful solution that extends supply chain capabilities to mobile devices, enabling on-the-go access to critical supply chain data and processes. This innovative tool allows organizations to manage inventory, track shipments, and execute warehouse operations from anywhere, improving accuracy and productivity across business units.

This article takes a closer look at the key features and advantages of Infor Mobile Supply Chain Management, exploring how it transforms supply chain operations by delivering the power of mobility.

Key Takeaways

  • Mobile supply chain management enhances efficiency through automated data collection, optimized inventory management, and advanced precision in managing equipment, which particularly benefits healthcare organizations.
  • The Infor MSCM platform provides real-time visibility into supply chain data with advanced visualization tools, enabling agile, informed decision-making and streamlined processes in receiving and delivery.
  • Infor MSCM integrates seamlessly with existing ERP systems and offers enhanced data collection accuracy, proactive notifications, and predictive alerting, all of which reduce supply chain costs and boost operational efficiency.

Enhance Efficiency with Infor Mobile Supply Chain Management

Illustration of efficient inventory management

Harnessing the power of Infor Mobile Supply Chain Management offers several benefits, including:

  • Automating data collection
  • Optimizing inventory management
  • Tightening the reins on receiving and delivery processes
  • Managing equipment with unprecedented precision

Real-time visibility into orders, shipments, and inventory is no longer a luxury—it’s a necessity. Infor’s advanced visualization tools offer a panoramic view of your supply chain data, allowing you to make informed, agile decisions. The Receiving and Delivery module alone streamlines package receiving at the receiving docks, picking, stock issues, and returns, turning potential bottlenecks into smooth highways of productivity.

What is Infor Mobile Supply Chain Management?

Illustration of mobile supply chain management benefits

At its core, Infor Mobile Supply Chain Management is a beacon of innovation designed to guide organizations through the complexities of modern supply chain challenges. It’s a comprehensive suite that automates data collection and provides real-time insights, empowering businesses to make data-driven choices that resonate across their entire operational landscape.

The journey through Infor MSCM is one of discovery—unveiling core benefits, features, and a roadmap for seamless implementation. It’s a journey that reveals how to survive and thrive in the fast-paced world of supply chain management, where every second and every decision counts.

Understanding Infor’s Mobile Supply Chain Management Platform

Diving into Infor MSCM is like unlocking a new dimension of supply chain capabilities. The platform is built with real-time visibility in mind, ensuring the pulse of your supply chain is always at your fingertips. Advanced visualization tools are the lenses through which complex data becomes clear and actionable insights.

However, Infor MSCM doesn’t just observe; it collaborates. The platform encourages effective network collaboration via intelligent workflows and real-time communication channels that enable organizations to respond rapidly to shifts in demand and supply. It’s a holistic approach that combines every facet of the supply chain, creating more opportunities for improved efficiency and effectiveness.

Key Features of Infor MSCM

Illustration of warehouse management with Infor MSCM

At the heart of the Infor MSCM platform is a suite of warehouse management tools that elevate productivity to new heights, with 3D visual analysis, embedded labor management, and dock logging sharpening the edge of order accuracy. Core materials staff can significantly benefit from these features, ensuring the right materials are in the right place at the right time.

Infor MSCM’s demand management features harness artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies to forecast with a level of accuracy that was once a mere dream, enabling data-driven decisions. With customizable supply planning solutions, tactical, strategic, and operational planning becomes manageable and masterful at par locations.

Benefits for Organizations

Adopting Infor MSCM is like opening a treasure chest for organizations, revealing benefits that touch every corner of the supply chain. Beyond time and cost savings, Infor MSCM offers the following benefits:

  • Teams working up to 15% more efficiently
  • Transportation costs falling by over 10%
  • Proactive notifications and predictive alerting

Implementing Infor MSCM

Implementing Infor MSCM requires a roadmap that begins with a needs assessment tailored to your organization’s unique landscape, ensuring no stone is left unturned in pursuing a perfect fit. Engaging stakeholders across the spectrum is the cornerstone of a successful implementation, connecting diverse perspectives in a cohesive plan.

With a plan set against rigorous timelines and milestones, the transition to Infor MSCM becomes a journey marked by progress milestones. Whether opting for cloud-based flexibility or an on-premises stronghold, the platform molds itself to your organization’s contours. Through pilot testing and vigilant post-implementation monitoring, Infor MSCM is implemented and woven into the fabric of your operations.

Upgrading to the Latest Version

Upgrading to the latest version of Infor MSCM is akin to upgrading your supply chain’s central nervous system. It’s an infusion of new features and improvements that reinvigorates the user experience with enhanced interfaces and advanced analytics capabilities.

The latest Infor MSCM version fortifies your data’s defenses, while expanded mobile device support ensures that the power of MSCM is always at your fingertips, regardless of platform or device. With these upgrades, MSCM increases become evident, optimizing overall performance.

Real-World Applications

Illustration of surgical instrument management with Infor MSCM

The real-world applications of Infor MSCM are as diverse as the industries it serves, but nowhere is its impact more palpable than in healthcare. In this high-stakes arena, the management of surgical instruments is elevated to an art form. Infor’s Surgical Instrument Management (SIM) solution ensures every instrument is accounted for, from sterilization to the operating table.

This meticulous control over surgical instruments is just one example of how Infor MSCM revolutionizes industry-specific processes. By providing solutions that cater to the unique needs of each sector, Infor MSCM ensures that no inventory or supply chain management aspect is left unoptimized, delivering performance that was once the domain of imagination.

Enhancing Data Collection and Accuracy

With Infor MSCM, data collection is not just enhanced; it’s reinvented. Wireless connections empower handheld devices to capture and transmit data in a heartbeat, propelling productivity forward across many material management areas.

The precision of core data collection initiatives is a priority with the Infor MSCM platform. With Infor MSCM, errors shrink in the face of real-time synchronization and improved counting processes, ensuring that inventory levels are not just managed but mastered with cycle counting functionality that keeps accuracy in check.

Integration with Existing Systems

The real benefit of Infor MSCM lies in its harmonious integration with existing ERP systems, ensuring real-time data and analytics that span the entire product lifecycle. This integration extends the platform’s reach, allowing organizations to collaborate with suppliers, banks, and 3PLs through a single cloud-based platform, Infor Nexus.

Transportation management becomes a symphony of optimization, with Infor MSCM directing routes and carriers to perform at their peak. Predictive alerting stands guard, ready to signal potential disruptions and opportunities, ensuring that the supply chain is connected but also intelligent and proactive.

Support and Training

Embarking on the Infor MSCM journey is supported by a robust training and support infrastructure. Extensive training sessions are the bedrock of this transition, equipping your workforce with the knowledge and skills necessary to harness the full potential of the platform.

But the journey doesn’t end with implementation. Open communication channels and on-demand consultations stand ready to assist organizations navigating the waters of supply chain management with Infor MSCM at the helm.

Partnering with the Experts

From inventory management to the intricate dance of receiving and delivery, Infor MSCM infuses every aspect of the supply chain with efficiency and precision. The real-time visibility and advanced analytics capabilities empower organizations to make proactive, informed decisions that keep them ahead of the curve.

Looking to begin a new Infor implementation project? Need additional support navigating complex integrations between Infor and third-party systems? Want an experienced project leader to keep your internal project team on track? Our senior-level Infor consultants at Surety Systems have you covered.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Infor Mobile Supply Chain Management?

Infor Mobile Supply Chain Management is a comprehensive platform that automates data collection, enhances real-time visibility, and optimizes supply chain processes.

How does Infor MSCM improve inventory management?

Infor MSCM improves inventory management by offering real-time visibility into orders, shipments, and inventory levels, advanced visualization tools, and automated data collection processes, enhancing accuracy and efficiency.

Can Infor MSCM integrate with my existing ERP system?

Infor MSCM is designed to seamlessly integrate with existing ERP systems, enabling collaboration with suppliers, banks, and 3PLs through Infor Nexus. So, yes, it can integrate with your existing ERP system.

What kind of support can I expect when implementing Infor MSCM?

When implementing Infor MSCM, you can expect extensive training, ongoing support, and on-demand consultations from Infor to ensure proficiency and successful navigation of challenges.

Are there advantages to upgrading to the latest version of Infor MSCM?

Upgrading to the latest version of Infor MSCM will provide new features, improved user interfaces for a better experience, advanced analytics capabilities, enhanced security features, and better mobile device support.