Since Microsoft discontinued the Dynamics 365 Markets Insights Preview service, it has offered the advanced Dynamics 365 Customer Insights platform in its place.

The new solution seeks to give Dynamics 365 users a complete solution to manage ongoing service improvements, offer critical insights into customer data, and facilitate service improvements based on real-time customer feedback.

Read on to learn more about Dynamics 365 Customer Insights and how our senior Dynamics consultants can help your organization.

What is Dynamics 365 Customer Insights?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights is an enterprise customer data management platform that merges information from multiple data sources, allowing users to match, map, merge, layer, and enhance customer-based data. 

Created to offer an intelligent and intuitive data platform for critical business users, the Dynamics Customer Insights solution helps businesses track and enrich customer-based data and gain intelligent insights to cultivate exceptional customer experiences.

With intelligent data-tracking capabilities, users can combine data from several points of sale (online or in-store) with customer service software to improve system performance and keep up with evolving trends over time. 

Users can also leverage the Dynamics Customer Insights platform to organize and manipulate their data more effectively, breaking groups apart based on specific demographics and activity metrics. This enables users to view customer behavior data recorded from several platforms and assesses customer loyalty across the board.

The Customer Insights platform also offers additional features that establish a centralized platform for efficient data analysis and management and facilitate better communication between employees and customers.

Top 6 Features of Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

Here’s a look at a few key features of Dynamics 365 Customer Insights:

1. United Data

D365 Customer Insights delivers a unified data platform to merge customer data from various sources and govern them effectively. Unlike other isolated data modules, this unified data platform helps users gain deeper insights into their target audiences and improve customer service across teams.

2. Real-Time Data Insights

With Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, users can easily monitor changes to customer behavior in real-time, analyze how they respond to ads, and assess business growth over time. Real-time analytics enable users to avoid worst-case situations and take quick action if a campaign fails.

Users can also leverage real-time analytics and insights to manage cross-selling and upselling opportunities, suggest best-fit items, and enhance post-sales service operations on the go.

3. Privacy and Security Platform

The D365 Customer Insights module provides an effective level of security by using intelligent technology powered by the Microsoft platform. This ensures users can access critical business data whenever and wherever it’s needed, maintain complete ownership of their data, and stay compliant with evolving data regulations like GDPR.

4. Linked Experiences

By leveraging Customer Insights to integrate data from various sources, users can design and manage a highly personalized customer experience. For example, merging customer profiles and purchasing activity data from several accounts to forecast the client’s next purchase intention can yield valuable insights over time.

The Customer Insights platform also provides a 360-degree perspective of client preferences and behaviors, enabling users to maintain current data sources and identify critical areas of improvement. Combining all transactional, behavioral, and demographic data into a single, cohesive data platform allows users to generate precise user profiles and ensure employees stay current with evolving buying trends.

5. Data-crunching and Analytical Abilities

By leveraging powerful analytics capabilities from Azure Synapse Analytics, Dynamics 365 Customer Insights allows users to gain relevant insights and blend various data sources, such as unstructured IoT data and financial records, into one unified platform. Users can identify new customer segments for their products and services and create cutting-edge marketing plans that align with customer needs.

Users can also leverage Microsoft Power BI capabilities to link the Customer Insights module to other enterprise systems and create customized dashboards and reports to accurately and efficiently visualize critical business data.

6. Integrated AI for Powerful Insights

The Customer Insights module leverages the most recent AI and machine learning technologies to assist users in gaining a better understanding of customer intentions, preferences, and behaviors over time.

This allows users to automate marketing tactics, such as up-selling and cross-selling, through appropriate product recommendations and real-time customer data analysis. Using unique AI technology to assess audience interests, preferences, and brand relationships, users can also find effective ways to interact with them and close more deals.

Benefits Of Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

The D365 Customer Insights platform gathers customer data from multiple data sources and leverages AI and machine learning functionality to collect accurate insights, assess consumer behavior, and identify areas of improvement to sell more and maintain better customer relationships.

Here’s a look at the main advantages D365 Customer Insights offers users:

Data-Controlled Decisions

The Customer Insights platform helps users quickly identify customer trends and make data-driven decisions that enhance business value across the entire organization.

User-Friendly Enterprise Customer Data Platform

D365 Customer Insights requires minimal IT assistance with system setup and user training, and it can easily be integrated with current corporate data sources. With no training, employees in every position, from business analysts to marketing and sales executives, can quickly find the answers to crucial inquiries,  like what to recommend to a customer or when to initiate a specific marketing campaign.

Facilitate Customer Trust

The more businesses interact with customer feedback, the more respected and engaged customers feel. Employees can facilitate stronger customer trust and better rapport across the market with better response times and personalized feedback.

Assist Sales Representatives

By leveraging the Customer Insights platform, sales agents can quickly determine which cross-selling, upselling, and best-fit product suggestions to make. When they connect with a customer, users can also better understand a customer’s needs, improve the overall customer relationship, and increase total purchases.

Drive the Customer Journey

With intelligent feedback loops in the Customer Insights platform, companies can enhance their marketing and product development plans and leverage real-time customer feedback to make better decisions. 

Users can also quickly gain insights into each product’s response and customer sentiment by integrating customer feedback into their already-existing product profiles.

Personalized Customer Experiences

Companies can ensure a personalized and engaging customer experience across the entire organization by understanding customer preferences and buyer intent.

Capabilities of D365 Customer Insights

  • All consumer contact data, including transactional, behavioral, and downloaded data from well-known sources, is combined onto a single platform by pre-built connectors.
  • The Customer Insights platform is intelligently transformed, united, and standardized to make disparate consumer insights consistent with the Microsoft Common Data Model.
  • Automated alerts and personalized customer interactions can initiate actions from other business apps that use the same API.
  • Enable proactive consumer interaction from the predictive capabilities of AI and customized machine learning technologies.
  • Users can leverage Customer Insights data to create innovative solutions and connect users to critical Microsoft Power Apps.
  • Companies can gain an in-depth understanding of customer data by leveraging customizable KPIs and indicators and a customizable link to the Microsoft Power BI platform.
  • By aligning data management activities with critical industry requirements, companies can maintain compliance with GDPR guidelines and other privacy and data protection regulations.

Why Use Dynamics 365 Customer Insights?

There are many reasons customers choose D365 Customer Insights, including:

  • Navigating the move from the outdated Marketing Insights Preview solution to the new Customer Insights platform. The Customer Insights module delivers an entirely new set of advanced data-related capabilities while retaining the essential elements of Marketing Insights Preview.
  • Access the real-time analytics needed to deliver robust, personalized customer experiences.
  • Integrate data from numerous sources so users receive faster results for their queries.
  • Offer a gentle learning curve and complete implementation and integration projects without requiring additional IT support and training.
  • Apply Customer Insights functionality to several tasks, such as administering customized campaigns, engaging customers, providing after-sale support, conducting quick business analysis, and more.

Is D365 Customer Insights Right for Your Business?

End-to-end applications in the Dynamics 365 Suite are designed to allow users with minimal knowledge of databases, tables, fields, or data sources to access critical business data and improve the overall customer experience. 

In contrast, data technicians and other technical experts understand data structure fundamentals and the relationship between suppliers and target audiences. 

Users should designate an individual who understands Microsoft’s data connectors to handle the initial setup and upkeep of any modifications without requiring a qualified Microsoft consultant regularly.

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