In today’s fast-paced business landscape, organizations are constantly seeking new ways to streamline their operations, enhance efficiency, and drive success…

While Workday has emerged as a leading enterprise resource planning provider, as organizations evolve and their business needs grow, effectively maintaining and optimizing Workday deployment and optimization projects can become a complex and time-consuming endeavor.

That’s where Workday Application Management Services (and our team of expert Workday consultants) come into play, offering comprehensive support services to help companies maximize the value of Workday solutions.

This article will discuss the key components and capabilities of Workday Application Management Services and where our team of Workday consultants can help expand your Workday capabilities and maximize your Workday investment.

Read on to learn more!

What is AMS in Workday?

Workday Application Management Services (AMS) refer to managed service solutions that help companies leverage, navigate, and optimize Workday’s capabilities and their Workday solutions post-go-live.

From providing additional Workday ERP implementation support to helping your internal teams build a strong post-implementation adoption strategy, improving Workday functionality, or navigating any other steps of your Workday journey, Workday managed services provide the support you need to succeed.

Key Areas of Workday AMS Support Services

Let’s take a closer look at a few specific areas of support Workday Application Management Services offers…

1) Operational Support

Workday AMS services offer support for many operations across the system, including…

  • System configuration and integration management
  • Reporting and business process management
  • Data analysis and reporting across a global network
  • Maintenance and guidance for optimal system functionality across teams
  • Triage for issues and areas of improvement for existing Workday solutions

2) Workday Platform Oversight

AMS Workday services provide oversight resources to help companies manage their Workday systems and operations more effectively, including…

  • Data governance across the entire Workday ecosystem
  • Strategic planning and preparation for future Workday enhancements
  • Efficient demand management and resource allocation across teams
  • Management for risks and issues across each Workday tenant

3) Enablement Services

With Workday AMS, users have the tools to support their system enablement processes, including…

  • Enablement for new Workday modules and applications
  • Assessment of existing Workday tenants and integrations between systems
  • Support for new and existing business transformation initiatives
  • Management of mergers and acquisitions across organizations and business systems

4) Management for New Releases

When Workday releases its biannual updates, Workday AMS tools enable users to keep their Workday system up and running without skipping a beat with services like…

  • Management services for existing Workday tenants
  • Required management functions for new Workday updates and releases
  • Analysis and guidance for additional Workday features and tools
  • System configuration and UAT support

AMS Solutions for Life After Workday Implementation

Here are a few main AMS Workday services to support clients with varying business needs and project timelines…

Optimizing core business processes

With functional AMS solutions, Workday customers can adapt their existing applications and business processes to better align with organizational changes and best practices across the entire technical landscape.

And, whether you need assistance with day-to-day operations within your Workday Financial Management solution or additional Workday support for a longer-term optimization project, services can help your team make the most of your investments.

Keeping up with the latest Workday functionality

When a need for a new Workday module or advanced functionality arises across your organization, finding the right resources to help with the job is essential to your success.

Workday AMS services can help implement your new solutions and train your internal employees to ensure each area of your Workday ecosystem is operating correctly over time.

This way, instead of forcing internal employees to handle system enablement while still doing their normal jobs, companies can ensure everything gets done on time and the right way, with no added hassle for their core employees.

Managing complex Workday configuration needs

Whether you need help updating existing Workday configurations to meet evolving business requirements or additional support outlining plans for new configurations that weren’t part of your initial Workday implementation plan, Workday AMS provides the services needed to handle configuration complexity and align with changing business needs.

How Can Surety Systems Help?

When it comes to making the most of your Workday investment by efficiently and effectively managing Workday modules, applications, and tools, you need the right resources for the job.

This is where Surety Systems comes in to help.

Our team of senior-level Workday consultants understands how important timeliness is in completing Workday tickets. Still, we take managed services one step further by providing a dedicated resource for each area of your Workday system, ensuring the quality of work doesn’t get overlooked for timeliness and convenience along the way.

Why Choose Surety Over Traditional Managed Service Firms?

While our team at Surety Systems offers support for more traditional managed service needs, like completing Workday tickets, our managed service offerings won’t look and feel the same. They’re better (and more personalized to your unique needs!)

Let’s take a closer look at some key characteristics that set our consultants apart…

Dedicated Resources

Instead of submitting a Workday ticket and not knowing who will complete it (like traditionally managed service firms), our experienced, certified Workday consultants are assigned to your ticket or project based on your needs, not our bottom line.

Our team works to provide the “best-fit” consultants for your project, not just the most convenient option, guaranteeing our consultant’s skills and experience are aligned with your project needs, no matter what.

Agile and Flexible Solutions

With our team of dedicated consultants, you can rest easy knowing your project needs will be met, no matter the complexity, duration, or requirements of each project. Our Workday consultants are flexible and agile, allowing you to keep the same resources even if your project requires more work than just a simple service ticket.

We tailor our solutions to meet your unique needs and facilitate better relationships between clients and consulting teams, making it easier for you to interact with your support system and maintain trust in your solutions over time.

Better Resource Allocation

Our consulting model at Surety Systems allows your team to use fewer resources and fewer people to do the same job with the same quality, saving you valuable time and money in the long run.

With better allocation of your resources and your people, your company can not only complete projects more efficiently but also reduce service escalations and wait times when trying to align your Workday solutions to keep up with changing business challenges.

Getting Started with Our Team

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