Epic, a distinguished leader in the Electronic Health Record (EHR) technology space, offers a variety of tools, applications, and modules designed to simplify data management processes across healthcare organizations, improve relationships between patients and providers, and enhance the quality of patient care across the board.

Read on to learn how Epic Wisdom is taking improvements in data management and patient care to the next level, as well as where our senior-level Epic consultants can fit on your team.

What is Epic Wisdom?

Part of Epic’s integrated Clinical Information System (CIS), Epic Wisdom is a Dental Information System (DIS) that provides the tools and capabilities needed to support the management of dental records across the continuum of care.

The Wisdom module was created to simplify dental management practices by reducing the need for paper documents and patient charts, customize their dental care solutions to meet clinical organization needs, and access patient information throughout multiple areas of the organization with ease.

Epic’s Wisdom solution makes it easier for users in dentistry practices to combine a patient’s medical and dental history, including allergies, previous procedures, medications, and more, in one location and improve collaboration and communication between teams to facilitate better care for patients.

Key Capabilities of the Solution

With the help of comprehensive dental record software, like Wisdom, and functional integrations between Epic EHR data and a patient’s dental information, providers have the tools needed to create better care environments without breaking the bank.

Let’s take a closer look at a few of the main capabilities of the solution…

  • Tooth charts for documenting individual patient findings
  • Dental Navigator tools to display relevant oral health information for patients, providers, and other associated clinicians
  • Treatment plans to address oral health concerns and proactively solve issues
  • Dental imaging technology, including MiPACS integrations, to access oral images and determine the “root cause” of dental issues (no pun intended here)
  • Pre-authorization and estimation functionality for dental appointments and procedures
  • Integrations with other Epic applications (like Cadence and Resolute) to schedule dental appointments and procedures and ensure claims and billing are processed correctly

Main Benefits for Your Organization

1) Better Care Management

Because Epic Wisdom dental software is a part of the larger Epic Systems suite of applications, it provides the functionality needed to bring a patient’s medical and dental information, including patient history and record of previous treatments, together in a single, optimized solution.

And, by unifying all essential and relevant patient data under the same roof, clinicians can provide a more unified and streamlined approach to patient care, meaning that patients can not only receive accurate treatment for their conditions, but they can also rest easy knowing their personal data is accurate and secure in the Epic system, no matter what.

2) Reduced Operational Expenses

Having one, unified solution to manage all patient demographic data, treatment history, procedural records, medications, and more in one place, rather than multiple siloed solutions that all handle one piece of the puzzle can make a huge difference in time, effort, and cost savings for your organization.

With an integrated solution designed to manage all patient information in the same place, Epic users can not only cut down on costs by using one system instead of 3 or more, but they can also leverage better resource allocation processes to improve time-to-value across teams, departments, and other areas of the organization.

3) No Complex Coding Required

With Epic’s easy-to-use interface and functional applications, users can reap all the benefits of a new software solution without all the hassle of ensuring internal hardware is compatible with the new system or paying unnecessary interface maintenance fees.

And, even better, with built-in functionality across Epic systems, simplified data management tools and an easily understood software platform, your organization can also eliminate the need for a dedicated Epic software developer, saving a good amount of money to be used elsewhere in the Epic environment and organization as a whole.

4) Seamlessly Integrated Solutions

Epic Wisdom is built into the comprehensive suite of Epic modules and applications, meaning that it comes with pre-defined integration capabilities that allow Epic users to share patient information more easily across platforms, leverage connected tools to facilitate better data management, and reduce operational costs by using one comprehensive solution instead of three separate ones.

From sharing demographic patient data across medical and dental platforms to accessing relevant procedure notes for multiple patients in one place, navigating patient records and charts from different phases of the care cycle, and everything in between, Epic’s built-in integrations make data sharing across teams, departments, and solutions seem easy.

5) Personalized Software Solutions

Within the Wisdom solution, Epic users are able to customize key aspects of their screen, including which features and tabs are visible from the home page and the size or sequence of each tab on the screen.

Personalized filters can also be used to facilitate better data management, limit viewing capabilities for specific dental information, and require access permissions for treatment or procedure notes from any given provider.

Customizable Wisdom solutions also allow users to adjust the scope of their system or screen to display more comprehensive patient information throughout the entire Epic EHR system (rather than just the data located in Wisdom.)

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