A food delivery startup had chosen to implement Kronos version 7 but didn’t have anyone on their in-house IT team who was trained to work on the platform. So when their HR and Payroll departments ran into problems exporting data in their preferred format, they reached out to Surety Systems.

Surety Systems was able to serve as an unbiased resource to create custom reports in Kronos and build out several unique interfaces including a custom API integration. Surety continues to work with the client on a time and materials basis to this day, supporting their team’s Kronos needs. Because of Surety, this startup is able to leverage a tool like Kronos without the expense of bringing a full-time resource in-house.


A food delivery startup wanted to export data as a CSV file for manipulation and analysis, however, Kronos out-of-the-box only allowed for PDF reports.


Surety’s consultant was able to create custom reports in Kronos and enable CSV exports so that the team could manipulate the data in Excel as desired, in addition to other custom solutions.


The startup was able to customize their system to easily export data in the right format. Further, Surety identified solutions for new, unique reports and keeping sensitive data safe—all without bringing on a full-time employee.

The Challenge

Several employees at the company were looking to pull data housed in Kronos out of the system for manipulation and analysis. Unfortunately, Kronos out-of-the-box only offered some of the reports they were interested in as PDF reports. However, their preference was for that data to export as a CSV file so that they could manipulate it in Excel.

The specific types of reports they wanted to pull varied from forecasting reports on scheduling, looking three weeks ahead, to missed punch reports with fields that were not included by default so they could determine which managers needed to do a better job of ensuring employees punched in and out for their shifts. However, they wanted to be able to generate these reports based on location, role, or by manually choosing employees to be included in the report.

They’d also made use of the Kronos API to integrate their Kronos system with their ERP solution. However, because of the way the Kronos API is set up out of the box, every time their ERP called data from Kronos, Kronos sent along all of the information associated with a contact—including sensitive information like social security numbers. There were only a few fields they actually needed the API call to access, and none of those fields included sensitive information, so they were looking for a solution that would push out just the necessary data to keep the system more secure.

The Solution

The company had previously been told a lot of what they were looking to accomplish couldn’t be done with Kronos—so they were pleased when they reached out to Surety Systems to hear that it could.

Surety’s team was able to create custom reports in Kronos and enable CSV exports so that the team could manipulate the data in Excel as desired. Surety was even able to create extra reporting parameters so that the client could easily over departments, locations, or employees they wanted to include in a report and then run the report.

Surety also created a custom solution for solving their API issues. Using a custom WIM interface, the consultants developed a process that allowed the API to pull required information from a Genie instead of from the system as a whole.

The Result

Leveraging Kronos can be hard without a Kronos expert on hand to manage and customize the system as needs arise. However, not every company needs a full-time employee in-house—and in this case, as a startup, they did not have enough work to justify bringing in an FTE.

Surety Systems was the perfect solution. With Surety’s help, the company was able to customize their Kronos implementation so that they could easily export the right data in a format that they could manipulate to extract additional business intelligence to help them make smarter business decisions.

Further, Surety’s lead Kronos consultant was able to identify solutions for new, unique reports and tailor their integration with their ERP to ensure sensitive data was not at risk—all without the extra overhead of bringing on a full-time employee.