In a modern business environment, organizations across various industries are continuously seeking efficient and effective solutions to optimize their order management processes and promote greater employee productivity and engagement across the board…

Enter SAP Order Management.

By seamlessly integrating sales, inventory, and fulfillment processes into a unified platform, SAP Order Management offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to simplify complex workflows, improve order accuracy, provide real-time visibility into critical business operations, and drive sustainable growth.

This article will discuss the key capabilities and functions of SAP Order Management and the main advantages for customers across industries, as well as where our team of consultants can come in to help.

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What is SAP Order Management?

SAP Order Management is a module designed to help companies streamline, manage, and optimize the order management process, including efficiently handling sales orders, tracking inventory, managing pricing and promotions, processing shipments, and handling returns and refunds.

The order management system in SAP integrates seamlessly with other SAP modules, like SAP Sales and Distribution (SD) and SAP Materials Management (MM), and other external systems, enabling end-to-end visibility and control over the entire order-to-cash process.

By automating and centralizing order management tasks, Order Management helps companies enhance process efficiency, reduce errors, improve customer satisfaction, and achieve greater profitability.

5 Ways to Improve Order Management and Fulfillment

  • Focus on employee engagement and customer satisfaction
  • Connect sales channels to inventory management for seamless order fulfillment
  • Automate customer requests and sales order processing functions
  • Consolidate and connect sales orders and workflows across teams and departments
  • Leverage an intuitive user interface to improve process control and efficiency

Understanding the SAP Order Management Solution

Here are a few key capabilities within SAP’s Order Management system that enable business users to create sales orders, analyze product data, and drive better outcomes:

Analyzing Data

With pre-built integrations and a strong order management foundation, Order Management in SAP SD allows users to facilitate better integrations with the SAP Analytics Cloud and send data to the internal analytics system to be analyzed.

Replicating Order Data

SAP’s advanced order management and integration capabilities enable companies to replicate order-related data into their core SAP foundation and connect disparate data sources into a single system for more efficient and effective data management.

Managing Orders

With SAP’s Order Management system, business users can complete basic order management functions, including viewing order details and receiving orders from pre-integrated order systems.

Sending Orders for Fulfillment

SAP for Order Management makes it easier for companies to set up product sourcing and fulfillment processes, send orders to an integrated fulfillment system, and trigger fulfillment.

Creating Order Activities

The order management system in SAP simplifying order creation and management by providing advanced tools and capabilities that help users create and monitor activities and extract data for further analysis.

Key Features of the Order Management Process in SAP

Let’s take a closer look at the core features of the SAP Order Management system…

1) Connected Order Orchestration

  • Leverage a unified and consistent orchestration process to create orders across the enterprise
  • Access and analyze updates and notifications for events and changes in fulfillment processes
  • Route orders to different fulfillment channels and systems across the entire business landscape

2) Omnichannel Order Processing

  • Create and add new sales channels, explore new business models, and analyze new markets for continuous innovation and growth over time
  • Leverage cloud-native systems and predefined integration points to improve the efficiency of existing sales channels
  • Use pre-built integrations with SAP Analytics Cloud, S/4HANA, and open APIs to connect and optimize core business processes across each sales channel

3) Centralized Sales Order Management

  • Track, monitor, and optimize key performance indicators (KPIs), like fulfillment rates, time to delivery, and more
  • Identify emerging order management trends to make more informed decisions and stay competitive in the market over time
  • Leverage an advanced analytic engine to offer greater insight into the order management process

How Can We Help?

Whether you need help implementing an order management system for the first time, additional support navigating pre-integration with SAP Commerce Cloud or SAP S/4HANA, or just an extra hand creating and managing sales orders, our SAP industry experts at Surety Systems are here to help.

With our team of senior-level, US-based SAP consultants, you can create sales orders more efficiently, automate sales document flows across teams, and make the most of your overall SAP investment.

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