Over the past few years, many hospitals and healthcare providers have adopted cloud technologies to run their critical applications, trading in outdated software and unreliable systems for a modern, scalable solution. In addition to making it easier to handle compliance requirements, health providers with access to all of a patient’s information (i.e. electronic health record (EHR), medications, tests, and more) can make better decisions about diagnoses and treatments that lead to better outcomes. 

Here are a few other benefits to expect when healthcare takes advantage of the cloud: 

  • Secure and up-to-date clinical data and information 
  • Operational efficiency, scalability, and flexibility 
  • Better patient care and experience 

And when it comes to healthcare and the cloud, Infor CloudSuite comes to mind. As an example, let’s take a closer look at one hospital system in Colorado that decided to implement Infor CloudSuite Healthcare and what led it to that decision.

St. Vincent Health Moves to Infor CloudSuite Healthcare

St. Vincent Health, a hospital system in Colorado, decided to implement Infor CloudSuite Healthcare to help control costs and increase operations. The solution will help them reduce customizations, save money on additional staff for system administration, and enhance visibility into the supply chain to better control spending on supplies. But the biggest benefit of making the move to CloudSuite Healthcare is the time they’ll be able to save on administrative work that can now be focused on patient care. 

Not only do Infor’s healthcare-specific cloud-based solutions give providers access to real-time data and remove silos across the organization and in the supply chain, but Infor’s integrated approach across finance and supply management streamlines order processing and tracking, providing an integrated supply chain to reduce costs and increase efficiency. 

Mike Poling, Infor’s executive vice president, and general manager of Infor Healthcare, explained more about the need for healthcare providers to adopt the cloud in the company’s press release:

The healthcare industry needs cloud-based applications to navigate through challenges on limited budgets by improving efficiency, boosting operational performance, and optimizing applications for improved productivity. Having this key business information together in real time will help decision makers at St. Vincent Health make more-informed decisions. In addition, through real-time data collection, Infor’s cloud-based specialized applications for healthcare deliver a system that can support an organization’s future needs, while still ensuring departments and facilities run efficiently and effectively today.

Embracing the Cloud in Healthcare 

St. Vincent Health isn’t alone in embracing the cloud—many other health systems are also adopting Infor CloudSuite. The platform covers pretty much everything you need, from finance to planning to supply chain management, not to mention additional capabilities like human capital and asset management.

Here are a few reasons why upgrading your software in 2022 can set up your healthcare organization for long-term success: 

Improved Patient Care and Outcomes 

View all patient information from different providers using interoperability solutions that meet Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) requirements. Run artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) algorithms over different populations to learn more about treatment options and disease progressions to develop better treatment plans. 

Visibility into the Supply Chain 

Know exactly where your inventory and supplies are at all times through a single platform and create a predictive stream that tracks critical assets through location-based intelligence. 

Healthier Finances  

Improve your financial health with data and predictive modeling on insurance reimbursements and patient demographics. 

Meet Compliance Requirements

Meet interoperability requirements by making patient data transferable through open, secure, and standardized formats.

Moving to the Cloud with Surety Systems

Healthcare industry changes are making cloud technologies no longer a “nice to have,” but a must. If you want to learn more about your options for moving to cloud-based software like Infor, Surety Systems can help. 

Our senior-level Infor cloud consulting team can guide you in creating a clear transformation roadmap, build a system to support your healthcare organization for the future, and help you deploy it. Partner with us on the technical side of things so that you can focus on what you do best—help patients. 

Contact us today to get started on your cloud journey.