What if there was a workforce management (WFM) solution that could save you time in budgeting and planning, integrate your forecasting activities, and automate the planning cycle? Infor Workforce Management can do just that. 

Infor Workforce Management is designed to help your organization with every aspect of labor compliance and performance from demand-driven scheduling to time and attendance, workforce scheduling, and absence management. In addition, you’ll be able to mitigate the risk of compliance errors and allow your employees to focus on more strategic work. 

Read on for a deeper dive into the benefits of Infor Workforce Management (specifically, its four modules) so you can determine if it’s the right fit for your business. 

Workforce Planning 

Infor Workforce Management’s workforce planning features include budget creation, which allows you to use historical performance, standards, and productivity information to develop a labor budget that involves forecasted business demand. You can then align the results with your finance department to stay on budget. 

The module also includes budget management to streamline your workforce budget by standardizing the solicitation and approval process. Finally, it allows you to automate your forecasting process by comparing current performance to your long-term strategy so that you can make changes to the scheduling model and keep your budget aligned with business performance. 

Workforce Scheduling 

The workforce scheduling module allows you to develop shift or demand-driven schedules while sticking to rules and regulations. Are you in a specific industry with unique and evolving requirements? No worries. Infor Workforce Management has vertically specialized scheduling to meet your needs. 

In addition, this module gives you multi-view scheduling options—such as on-call shift splits, labor forecasts, and schedule optimization—as well as fair scheduling compliance with union rules, government regulations, and corporate policies. 

Workforce Performance

The workforce performance module is powered by business intelligence and analytics that enable you to tap into more diverse data sets to help you make better decisions about your workforce strategy and maximize performance. 

A few features about this module that we think you’ll especially enjoy include a management dashboard for at-a-glance views of workforce performance, chatbot services to quickly tackle repetitive labor tasks, and real-time alerts so that managers know about labor issues, compliance violations, excess overtime, or budget variances as they arise. 

Time and Attendance 

The time and attendance module helps you reduce payroll errors and overpayments through real-time collection of labor and time data, as well as automated zero-to-gross pay calculation. It’s composed of two main parts: Attendance Management and Real-time Pay Categorization.

Attendance Management allows you to more easily maintain employee attendance history and automatically notify an employee’s manager when attendance violations occur. You can also coordinate all workforce management processes with payroll and HR processes through seamless data exchange. 

Real-time Pay Categorization gives you the ability to receive employee clock-in/clock-out data through any hardware, software, or even mobile solution. You can calculate pay based on state and federal laws or collective bargaining agreements and use an extensive library of rules and conditions to automate various pay situations. 

Getting Started with Infor Workforce Management

In short, Infor Workforce Management is one of the best tools out there to support enhancements in operational efficiency and help you prepare for changing business demands (during and after the COVID pandemic).  

Whether you’re interested in deploying the solution on-premise or in the cloud, our senior-level Infor Lawson consulting team is dedicated to making your implementation a success. Contact us today to learn how we can make the whole process a seamless one, so your organization can start enjoying the benefits of Infor Workforce Management even faster.