A lot of you have been waiting for it, and it’s finally arrived! Say hello to the new Salesforce mobile app. The new Salesforce mobile app has been rebuilt from the ground up to bring a brand-new experience to  mobile workforce. The power to deliver a unified experience to users across desktop and mobile has never been more critical, with now more than 92 million mobile-enabled workers in the US alone, so it only makes sense for Salesforce to ensure people are able to do whatever they need to, wherever they are.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the enhancements which excited us the most.

Getting Started

An important thing to note before we dive in: switching over to the new mobile experience is completely optional—feel free to opt in whenever you’re ready. Once you decide you would like your org to switch over to the new mobile experience, head to the QuickStart page, where you’ll find the setup walkthrough as well as tips and best practices for rolling it out to your users.

Lighting Apps Available Anywhere

First on our list, the new mobile experience is now more aligned with what you’re used to seeing in the Lightning Experience desktop. You’ll notice the seamless experience when you use a Lightning app because the navigation tabs on the desktop sync to the mobile Menu navigation items. Before, taking advantage of all the cool features available in Lightning apps meant you had to be on the desktop, but now you can access Lightning apps no matter where you are.

Optimized List and Related List Components

When it comes to the List View and Related List components (entries #2 and #3 on our list), Salesforce has officially updated these items to support mobile navigation. For example, if you place the List View component on a record page, a View More button now loads more records in batches. (The beauty of this is that it allows you to get more records or scroll to the information you need more easily on a mobile device.) As for the Related Lists component groups, they’re now in one section which also includes a View More button for more straightforward navigation. Fewer misclicks mean more productivity and less wasted time.

Enhanced Security 

The fourth item on our list is critical to all organizations, no matter their size, and that is mobile security. Salesforce handled this need with the addition of mobile application management (MAM) to the new Salesforce mobile app. Before this update, organizations with high security and compliance needs had to rely on external mobile device management (MDM) solutions to use the mobile Salesforce app. Now, MAM allows you to control policies and access based on your organization’s needs. 

NOTE—There may be an additional cost to MAM depending on your current edition of Salesforce, so keep that in mind.

Easily Accessible File Downloading and Sharing

Last but not least, the latest improvements to Mobile Publisher—like the ability to send custom push notifications to Mobile Publisher apps giving them with the latest information wherever they’re working—allow you to set your users free. Plus, employees on-the-go also have the ability to download and share Salesforce files from the mobile Publisher community, which is a win for workplace flexibility.

The convenience of being able to do your work on the go is a benefit for all, so rolling out this new Salesforce mobile app is sure to make you the office hero. And if you need a champion on your side to help you seamlessly (and quickly) transition your users to the new mobile experience, team up with the experts at Surety Systems.

Our senior-level Salesforce consultants can not only help you build an enhanced mobile experience, but also assist you with every step of your Salesforce solution, all to make sure you’re getting the most out of your investment.  Contact us today to get started.