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Salesforce Custom Development—Turning “It Works OK” to “That’s <em data-lazy-src=

Salesforce Custom Development—Turning “It Works OK” to “That’s Just What I Needed!”

When it comes to customizing Salesforce so that it best suits your needs, the CRM giant goes out of their way to make things easy. Your average Salesforce user can minimize UX/UI pain points with a few clicks while it’s a snap for admins to create dashboards, write triggers, and more with the solution’s built-in tools. But what do you do if your tailor-made solution requires a bit more heavy lifting than your in-house team can provide? You turn to someone who can provide you with some quality Salesforce custom development, that’s what.

Thanks to our wide network of senior-level Salesforce consultants, we can not only make sure that you have someone who knows the solution inside and out but who has worked with a wide variety of other ERPs and platforms as well. This expertise, combined with their development experience, makes our consultants perfectly suited to help you create a bespoke solution to solve your specific problem. Whether you need someone to create a custom integration to connect your mobile app to your CRM, develop some Lightning web components to add increase functionality, or perform any other kind of personalization or configuration, Surety Systems has got your back.

We pride ourselves on connecting our clients with consultants who have the unique skills and knowledge base to handle their unique issues, no matter what those might be. From folks who have Apex code skills and the HTML and JavaScript chops to handle LWC (Lightning Web Components) to the kind of dev wizard who creates mobile Salesforce apps for fun, we’ve got just the right consultant to suit your Salesforce custom development needs.

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