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From Pinch Hitters to Part-time Superheroes, We’ve Got the Salesforce Admin You Need

From Pinch Hitters to Part-time Superheroes, We’ve Got the Salesforce Admin You Need

When you equip the sales, service, and other departments of your company with Salesforce, you’re giving them access to a toolbox with a veritable treasure trove of tools. No matter how well-made a tool is, however, they’re only ever as useful as the person who wields them. (After all, while you can drive a nail with a screwdriver, it’s not exactly efficient.) When it comes to general repairs around the house, people turn to a handyman, and when it comes to your CRM, a Salesforce administrator is what you need.

Unlike someone who specializes in a specific aspect of the platform, a Salesforce admin has a breadth of knowledge and experience that can’t be beat. (In other words, they’re not an electrician or a plumber, but they can help you hang a light fixture and fix a leaky faucet.) This makes them perfect for all sorts of companies, from those not big enough to need the services of a full-time Salesforce admin to those who already have a team of admins but could use a little extra help.

What Can a Salesforce Admin Do for Me?

Smaller companies can put Salesforce admins to good use in every aspect of getting set up in the platform. An experienced admin can create your initial dashboards, manage permissions, remove duplicate records, and any other general tasks you may need and then leave you to it, only returning to perform routine maintenance tasks (like updating reports) or if your company runs into a snag you don’t want to handle on your own (such as a data migration).

And what about companies that already have a team of Salesforce admins? Organizations like these also find themselves in need of a quality admin from time to time, whether that’s because one of your regular all-stars suddenly needs to take some leave or it turns out that fixing a “small problem” is consuming more of the regular team’s time and energy than expected. An expert Salesforce admin has the ability to hit the ground running, pick up the slack, and seamlessly support your regular players without missing a beat.

From working with Process Builder and Flow to writing triggers with Apex and other forms of declarative development, a good Salesforce admin can even do some work that you might think you need a developer to handle. In short, there’s practically nothing a quality Salesforce admin can’t handle, and if you find yourself in need of one, Surety Systems can help you find just the right one to solve your problem.

What Can a Salesforce Admin Do for Me?

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