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Our Expert Consultants Can Seamlessly Connect Salesforce With Any External System

Our Expert Consultants Can Seamlessly Connect Salesforce With Any External System

Your business needs access to a lot of data to run smoothly, and that data lives in a lot of places. Salesforce integration with other business-critical systems is a great way to improve efficiency across the board—when everyone has easy access to the info they need to do their jobs, that’s always going to work more smoothly than if they have to hunt it down. Oftentimes, however, integrating third-party data with Salesforce is easier said than done. Of course, Salesforce integration consulting can help with that…

Maybe your data source gives you data in a weird format, or your sources keep changing the structure of their APIs, or you don’t have someone on your team who’s well-versed enough on getting your data sources and Salesforce to play nicely with one another. Obviously, your Salesforce data integration needs won’t just go away on their own, so what’s a business like yours to do?

Call in the big guns. Surety Systems has an expansive network of Salesforce integration consultants who can efficiently identify and deliver the valuable information your company needs to work its magic. While our Salesforce consulting team is very hands-on, they also understand the importance of fully training your organization on our processes so that you’ll be able to handle all aspects of your Salesforce integrations.

In other words, if a Salesforce integration is like an espresso, our senior-level consultants won’t just be your baristas—they’ll teach you to brew your own perfect shot as well.

What Sets Our Salesforce Consulting Process Apart

There are plenty of Salesforce consulting partners out there, and almost everyone has the same general process. (Best practices are “best” for a reason, after all.) Most every integration consultant will kick things off with a process analysis, for example, examining how your organization uses your existing tech, how that tech meshes with your business processes, and what would best help you succeed moving forward.

Because everyone’s needs are a little bit different, configuring your Salesforce setup tends to be the next step, where the consultant will create whatever objects, fields, or automated processes are required. Data migration needs to happen as well, which includes sourcing, integrating, and cleaning up said data.

All of the above is essentially standard procedure for any Salesforce integration consultant. (Although your internal Salesforce admin should be able to handle most common integrations on their own—Salesforce makes things easy like that.) But what if your company’s needs are a bit more obscure, or the only third-party app your admin can find is…less than intuitive?

That’s where we come in.

Because we don’t carry a standard “bench,” Surety Systems is able to offer a level of customizability the other guys just can’t match. And since we work with an extensive network of Salesforce consultants, we can provide you with someone who has experience setting up just the kind of integration you need. Need advanced technical support (like API development or custom code created)? We’ve got those folk too! Heck, we’re not even limited to just Salesforce—we can get you consultants for JD Edwards, Infor Lawson, Kronos, SAP, and Workday as well.

At Surety Systems, we don’t offer a standard integration process—we offer a bespoke one, specifically tailored to best fit your needs.

What Sets Our Salesforce Consulting Process Apart

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