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Making JD Edwards Tax Compliance Less…Taxing

Making JD Edwards Tax Compliance Less…Taxing

Did you know that there are over 11,000 tax jurisdictions in the United States? How about the fact that hundreds of sales and use tax rates change or update every year? This veritable bramble patch makes tax compliance a major headache and is the very reason so many businesses running JD Edwards have turned to Vertex.

  • According to Vertex, there are an average of 625 new and changed sales and use tax rates a year in the US!

Vertex is a powerful tax automation tool that integrates with JD Edwards. Per the Oracle Help Center, Vertex calculates taxes by GeoCode and other special considerations. When laws change, Vertex pushes the new data to the client’s system so taxes can be correctly applied. As long as your system is properly installed, configured, and maintained, Vertex makes staying compliant easy.

Choose the Right Partner

This is why choosing a partner who deeply understands both Vertex and JD Edwards is critical. To ensure compliance, Vertex requires regular updates and audits. If handled in-house, adequate training must be provided. As we know, failing to follow tax law—even accidentally—can leave you open to fines, liability, and criminal charges.

Surety Systems takes the stress out of tax compliance. Our senior-level JD Edwards Tax Compliance consultants have numerous Vertex L-, Q-, and O-Series implementations and upgrades under their belts, and are well seasoned at setting up Tax Data Management (TDM) tables. Our clients even have us audit their Vertex configuration to ensure proper tax calculations and procedures—just to be safe. After all, tax compliance is one area where you don’t want to take any chances.

The 3 Most Common Mistakes when Integrating Vertex and JD Edwards

Versions, vendors, and updates... oh my! Follow these tips to avoid the three most common JD Edwards and Vertex integration pitfalls at your company.

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