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Focus on What Matters with Kronos Workforce HR and Workforce Payroll

Focus on What Matters with Kronos Workforce HR and Workforce Payroll

HR automation saves time, money, and resources, and does wonders to improve candidate experiences. That’s what makes Kronos Workforce HR and Workforce Payroll so appealing. It integrates human resources, benefits, and payroll functions into one streamlined, easy-to-use module. This means employee data is entered once (yes, once!) and shared with other applications or staff as needed. So say goodbye to redundant data entry and hello HR and payroll automation.

The only bad thing about automation is that it doesn’t happen magically. Implementing it properly takes time, thought, technical know-how, and a deep understanding of business requirements. In fact, only 16% of companies say digital transformations have successfully improved organizational performance. It’s not easy, and implementation errors can cause downstream effects. That’s why it’s critical to ensure a proper Kronos HR and Payroll configuration—the first time.

From benefits to pay rules, performance to tax filing—if streamlining HR/payroll is on your agenda, Surety Systems can help. Need a Kronos Workforce HR and Workforce Payroll configuration expert, guidance for a first-time implementation, or system training? Surety’s senior-level Kronos consultants have you covered.

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