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Combining Forces: Integrating Kronos Systems During a Merger or Acquisition

In 2017, the number of mergers & acquisitions in the U.S. hit an all-time high. Out of 15,100, nearly 15% were in the healthcare industry. Among the benefits of mergers and acquisitions are cost savings, quality improvements, and a wider scope of services—a win-win for hospitals and patients alike. And while combining people and processes isn’t easy, integrating HCM systems—like Kronos—may be the most difficult undertaking.

Kronos manages the “who, what, when, where, and why” of a business and, ultimately, is key to ensuring customers receive the services they need. So when integrating Kronos systems—or converting other HCM systems into Kronos—during a merger or acquisition, there’s a lot to consider. Assessments, upgrades, data conversion and mapping, work and pay rules, scheduling, policies, and benefits, just to name a few. For a timely and pain-free process, it’s smart to enlist the help of an expert.

Surety Systems has extensive experience integrating Kronos systems during mergers and acquisitions. Our senior-level consultants work alongside you to integrate all entities into a unified platform—quickly and accurately. On top of our technical know-how, our consultants bring industry expertise. This means your system is not only optimized but also configured to meet demands and comply with regulations facing your operation.

Kronos Planning Checklist for Mergers & Acquisitions

Talks of a merger or acquisition? Plan your Kronos integration with this free step-by-step guide.


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