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Implementing “Next-Generation” Financial Management, Today

CloudSuite Financials is a next-generation financial management software. It boasts a revolutionary Global General Ledger, real-time receivables and billing, and powerful analytics and reporting—amongst hundreds of other new features. CloudSuite also has robust integration capabilities, allowing businesses to gather, analyze, and use data from across the organization.

Sounds amazing, right? Well, there are a couple of important details to consider. For an Infor CloudSuite Financials implementation, you need to be on the Infor Xi platform. The software has a “cloud-first design,” but can also be deployed on-premise.

Surety Systems is an Infor Delivery Partner. No matter where you are in the journey to “next-generation,” we can get you there. If you’re already on Xi and need an Infor CloudSuite Financials implementation, we can help. If you haven’t upgraded to Infor Xi but want to, we can start there too. And yes, we can also help migrate you to the cloud.

Our clients count on us to help streamline operations, increase productivity, and provide the knowledge and know-how to drive strategic business decisions.

Lawson Accounts Receivable Implementation

An electricity service provider was tracking accounts receivable transactions in Excel and Word. See how Surety helped streamline, modernize, and safeguard this data and how it enabled more robust reporting.

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